Polar Vortex & The SuperBoule

All teachers know it’s impossible to teach or to do anything when it snows.

These little brats are all crazy in the classrooms when they dream of recess time outside in the magic of white. Snowballs, gliding, snowmen…

On Twitter yesterday I felt this excitement within the little world of weather men.

Splitting Polar Vortex“, they say. With a shivering mix between fear and awe.

And “Oh no, not again”…

I remember that the half east of the USA were under cold weather in January. Snow in Florida gave funny pictures.

So if I understand well, this is what is happening :

For a reason (some say it’s global warming), the cold air normally turning around the North Pole becomes a MESS. It’s warmer on the pole, and the icy huge pocket of air can split – parts go down to southern places.

So, another big tongue of polar will invade “again” the USA in February, and another one…

Well : maybe in Russia, maybe in Europa.

#polarvortex could be an hashtag to watch on Twitter. The splitting and the double mess could begin around 10-11 February.

And for the frozening SuperBoule? Les Aigles, ou les Patriotes?


Have a nice day!