Photography : Roofs of Mont Cassel, in the North of France

Photography : Roofs of Mont Cassel, in the North of France “Built on a prominent hill overlooking French Flanders”,_Nord


“Remarkable Pivots” : What can a place do in a movie?

I found a book about this subject and you know me and my habit to read the table of contents…

What can a place do in a movie?

Yes, it’s a decor, a setting, a scenery. And also :

  1. A space to travel in.
  2. A welcome cell.
  3. A remarkable pivot.
  4. A refuge.
  5. A worksite.
  6. An unshakeable fortification.
  7. A temple. A forest. A waste ground.
  8. An aseptic abode.
  9. Underground…

A combination of many of them?

Voilà. My Structure/Tool here is this :

Take any subject : photography, poetry, blogging, teaching, marketing.

List elements. In a movie : story, actors, scenery, light, sound, music.

Select one element and focus on it, then extend. Give it a much bigger importance. The best importance. What do you find? What does it give and bring?

Teaching? Focus on the tables in your classroom. Poet? What paper will you use?

Have fun! I’m now digging in the history of cinema to find movies where the scenery is the star or a house a character….


Nadav Kander, misty distant structures Photographer

Nadav Kander is “known for his portraiture and landscapes”. Interesting portraits (it’s what you find first on Google Images), but what he does with landscapes (here, in China) is fantastic.

People and architecture, maybe staged melancholy (loneliness?), misty distant structures or cities. It’s very “prepared”, artificial, too easy or maybe just meticulous. This is what I choose to show you today.

Have a nice day!