French Seashore Black & White Photography



Sally Mann, American photographer

Sally Mann “reinvented family photography”, she likes to tickle the “unappropriate” (her children violence or sensuality, the proximity of death), staying always on the sweet side though. Like sniffing danger…

I noticed this : The public loves her, many critics don’t. I appreciate her work, her splendid calm blackandwhitery.

Also :

  1. I always dislike the harmless TimBurtoneries, but some of her “gothic” moods makes me shut immediately. Look at her trees, and you’ll remember that nature can watch you too.
  2. I always dislikes “rebels” who easily like to shock the bourgeois. It’s often boring and ridiculous. She’s never on this plateau – though her so-called exhibitionism became more disturbing today…

You’ll find plenty more on Google Images, and many articles to make you think about the pros & cons.

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Cas Oorthuys, Netherland Photographer

Cas Oorthuys, a Netherland Photographer (1908-1975), will give you a smile, “this” smile from this part of North Europa : North of France, Belgium, Netherland. You’ll understand once you’ll be there…

I could not explain where is it hidden in his photos, but I feel this man was a sweet person. I had to share!

Pinterest is full of his pictures. Explore if you like!

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