Blockhaus & Casemates on French beaches…

On French seashores, on hundreds of miles, from the extreme North of the country to South Brittany, you often meet what we call (after the Germans) Blockhaus. Hitler built what they called the Atlantic Wall, against Allied invasion, of course. Happily it was not strong enough against the D-Day troops…

These huge concrete casemates are today often falling in ruins. Of course it’s dangerous, and of course kids (and buses of kids when the classroom is visiting Normandy or else) LOVE to play soldiers in these.

I remember – as a little boy with a few friends – being a little afraid inside, in the dark, but strangely sheltered too. A piece of chocolate on a buttered slice of bread, and it was all OK.

At least, it makes dramatic photographies today!

Here are two photos of a blockhaus I took near Hardelot, in the North of France.

Have a nice day!