Those who sell, what do they buy?

Those who sell, what do they buy?

In the nineties, when I wanted to buy a good walkman, I asked to the guys (I work in a big store) : What is reliable? What brand is after-sales service unprone (which, I suppose, is not English, let me play)?

They answered me : Aiwa! So Aiwa it’s been…

So it is : “Those who sell, what do they buy?”. When you learn that many Microsoft people use Macintosh, you smile, right? I keep this in mind when I have to buy things – knowing that I need a grain of salt. Some guys use a brand because they got it for free, or because they’re interested…

The store guys liked to mock me about Apple computers in the 90s (“it’s almost dead”), but had so many problems with PCs and Windows that they all own Macs today…

What about choices?

Steve Jobs invented the iPhone & iPad, but his kids were not allowed to use them. Isn’t it interesting? Why are we curious when we spot an article about an artist we love, who is asked “What are the best albums of your life?”? And writers? Who do they read?

When you meet a professional, do you ask about their tools? A graphic designer? What printer brand? A photographer? What bag? Why?

Where else can we watch this? Who should we ask? The elderly?


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Color Selection Charts & Questions


There’s a Wikipedia page for reference :

I’m fascinated by the number of books about color palettes (for artists, for web design, fashion).

They all seem to be very sure about the mood given by a set of colors (dynamism, vintage, girly, serious business, etc)!

There are applications and websites to help you find a “mood”. Just Google “Color Harmony”.

I just read a good page about advertising and colors :


It leads to questions for thinkers, and this article therefore :

  • It seems so accurate, thus how do you “invent”?
  • Do you need dark green for serious organic beauty business?
  • How did and does it change through the years?
  • And places, cultures?
  • Is the sensibility to these palettes the same in Norway and in Texas?
  • Are there differences for movies, branding, websites or books covers?
  • Are there stars, inventors, in this field?
  • Can the choice of a palette be risky, and a failure?
  • Sunny for funerals? Deep blue for teen romances?
  • What could be a game of invention?
  • Palette : “Couple Failure”, “Orson Welles in 2145”, or “Gothic bees”?
  • Color chart for a city? A job? Poetry?
  • How do you change a color palette?
  • Or kill it (Apple logo was colorful at the beginning)?
  • What else?



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