Buddha’s Tooth

A Tibetan mother was a devout buddhist, she had a son who traveled regularly for business.

Before a trip the son was going to take to India, his mother asked him to bring her back something that she could use as a symbol of devotion, to help her progress in her spiritual practice. India was the place, after all, where the Buddha himself had lived!

The son went to India and forgot to get her anything. So before the next trip she asked him again. And again he went, and forgot to bring her anything.

When he was about to go to India again, his mother told her son that he will watch his own mother die right before his own eyes if he fails to bring her something from India that she could use on her spiritual path.

While ending his trip, the son was about to leave when he remembered what his mother asked of him, and so he quickly looked around for something that he could give her. He saw a dead dog by the side of the road : he pulled out a tooth from the dead dog’s mouth, washed it in a puddle, and wrapped it in a very beautiful silk tissue.

When he returned from India, he pulled out the tooth and showed it to her, saying that he was very fortunate to have been able to get her a tooth from the body of the Buddha himself. She took the tooth and placed it in a place of worship, filled with deep and sincere reverence for what her son had given her.

She was able to generate so much love, devotion and compassion because of her belief in the Buddha’s tooth that she became enlightened.


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The Quirky Dance of Double Rejection

When I was in my twenties I was reading all Chögyam Trungpa‘s books. This guy (a “preeminent teacher of Tibetan Buddhism”) taught me many things. One of them was :

“Let go when someone tells you to get lost”

Trungpa says that if you nag & beg this person, then you’ll become a demon (he uses this word). I didn’t find again the exact quote, but I remember he was also talking about this image :

  1. The rejecter is walking, he says “get lost”.
  2. The rejected is begging and becomes a demon.

Well, I think we’ve all been there, that makes sense, right? This article is about what happens next.

  • The rejected understands.
  • Stops walking, and shuts up.
  • (It’s his way to say : “Fine! Get lost too!”)
  • He walks again, back on his own path.
  • Silent double walk.

See me coming? Yes you do! OK, take a deep breath and visualize this :

  • The rejecter slows down, now, thoughtfully.
  • Then he walks in front of the other walker.
  • He says : “Let’s talk”.
  • The other walker doesn’t slow down, thinking the three-letters : “WTF”.
  • He walks, it’s his turn to say “Get lost!”.
  • Voilà!

It’s why I called quirky this strange dance, which exist between complicated lovers of course, but also between friends, family, spouses, siblings, companies, etc.

The rejecter rejects then is being rejected by the one he rejected when he doesn’t want to reject the other one anymore.

Make a loop of this. Dance.

Dial, then Lever :

What do we do of this dial? What does that mean? Is there an invisible string between the two walkers, a bond? What should they do? What should they say? How to stop the dance? Walk on more distant path? Having fun eventually? Realize it’s a dance and it could be great? Tango?

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