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Birdy Animal, another quickquirk poem

I saw an animal in my house…

I think it’s a bird

It has two wings you can see

Above its head

It can fly for sure

Proof is : it was on the floor

And suddenly on my bed

This bird has a long tail

A feather it is

The wings work with an engine

I can hear the engine in the bird

On the bed in front of me

Purr… purr…


Bidou. At first we called him Plume (Feather) but when my daughters were little, they ran after his tail laughing “Beedoo Beedoo”. OK let’s go for Bidou!

An old pal. He’s fifteen, has diabetes (two insulin shots a day, yeah). I called him Gaston, Crapuche, Berdouche, many names. He was on my lap, coming from nowhere, at the second I was on a good chair with a book or in front of a movie. Purr…

He passed away in the night. I found him near my desk, really like sleeping, all calm down, dreaming for ever in the world of cats. He was a good guy.

Say hi to Bidou!

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Blue is the quiet Sky, le ciel est tout bleu

…her cat in a long rectangular light

on the warm wooden floor

watches the invisible

Propeller/Hélice :

Outside, the remote, tenuous thready sound of an old plane

and a bird in a little tree, near the road

playing its smiling idleflute

The cat listened and went away, le chat est parti.

The plane is far. The bird sleeps.

Shades down, lignes of squares

on lovers on the bed

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Halloween in June

So you work in a store, a big store.

It’s June.

A truck delivers big packs of Halloween shit.

Yeah! That’s the way it works today…

You’re like a bit amazed by such an amount of stupidity.

But you’re told to present all this.


In June.

You place it. All of it.

Then, it’s, you can guess, a big failure.

Dust piles up on orange skulls and pumpkins.

Nobody buys it.

Until this angry day in the end of August…

When your good manager says :

“Sales not good, send all this back to the supplier!”.

Well, of course your mind could be full of WTFs.

But it’s not.

You don’t expect common sense from this world.

You just don’t.

You send all back.

This is “normal”.

Because, one week before Halloween…

You install Christmas stuff.



That’s the way this world goes.



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