The Loss of Level 2

Clément Rosset is an astute French philosopher. Like his colleague Gilles Deleuze, he likes to invent new little concepts (I mean, far from “Big Concepts” with capitals, like Truth or Reason), to use them as… tools.

He is the inventor of the Loss of Level 2, which seems délicieusement useless, until…

Well, the Loss of Level 1 is… when you lose something. From “I lost my hat” to “End of a love story”, it’s easy to understand : you had something, and then you lost it. Bim.

The Loss of Level 2, says Rosset, is… when you keep something with you or next to you, but… you are not interested in it anymore !

Ha !

This strange idea seems funny, and it makes you smile, no ? Who needs philosophy to learn this ??

It’s like a seed for the mind. Maybe you don’t care, be maybe you’re thoughtful. You want to search how oriental it is. You maybe think about Tool Creativity.

Personaly I think about another way to create my own “Level 2”. Of what ? Love ? Creativity ? Change ? Choices ?

Tool : In your activity, could it be useful to “think different”, this way ? Making here a connection between “I lose something” and “I’m not interested anymore”, can it be reproduced ? Why ?