When some guys disobeyed the “I only do black & white” photography

I’m not a photographer, but I watch this “domain” a lot.

I fell in love recently with three American photographers : Eggleston, Shore, and Sternfeld.

Joel Sternfeld (b. 1944), William Eggleston (b. 1939) and Stephen Shore (b. 1947) are now seen pioneers in color photography.

In the late sixties and in the seventies, color photography was used for advertising and all everyday purposes. But “Artists” photographs were all shooting pictures in black & white. Color was, well… crap.

These three guys disobeyed the “obvious”.

I am really not an expert, but I read, I watch their pictures, or documentaries.

I see Shore as an intellectual, who looks how to “resolve” a picture. He’s a thinker. I often get very emotional in front of his work. He captures something, a light, a mood. It’s very mysterious, because I don’t really get it, how he does that. He’s like a painter with plenty of structure secrets…

I love him, I want him to be my teacher.

Egglestone is like a smart hungry kid. More diversity. Splendid portraits. I understand easier what he wants to show us. He also shows empty places in America. It’s more “on the ground” than Shore…

I love him, I want him to be my uncle.

Sternfeld, it’s another thing. He’s a wizard.

I love them. Their works. And the way they said “No” to the art index saying : “You’ll black & white”. Nope.

Have a nice day!

Peter De Bruyne, Belgian Photographer


Peter De Bruyne comes from Belgium. He takes pictures of his country, or Poland, or USA. And see : he likes to be blurry!

Well, I’m interested in guys who don”t obey. Too dark, too blurry : “mistakes”. Therefore (maybe), there he goes!

You can find you own seeds in this approach (don’t obey rules, do something which seems wrong, insist). You can also think about this : “What does the artist want?”. The mood without the objects? Abstraction? You decide.

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Juan Martínez Bengoechea, #painter

It’s about people in the 1920s, doing things you don’t understand, or posing like in front of an imaginary photograph. My eyebrows are moving up, that’s it! I kind of like the movement it triggers in my mind : a wonder, most of the time…


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Colors of Saul Leiter, #Photographer

Saul Leiter (1923 – 2013) was an American photographer. He worked for fashion magazines and remained unknown until late in his life.

He photographed the streets of New York in color, when everybody considered that black & white was the only serious way to be a photographer. He captures moments, empty quiet seconds, he likes to play with frames, complex reflections, blurry lights. Each photo is charged in mood : heat, melancholy, waiting, thinking, sudden snow magic, thinking, loneliness…

Google his name! Thanks for reading/watching.













#Insects are like little guys in #Macrophotography

Hi everyone. Here are 12 guys I photographed in 2009 in the north of France, with my old SX10 Canon. No retouch at all, but reframing. I’m an amateur!

By doing this, I realized something.

  • I don’t work that much on technology – I’m very casual in the way I trigger, in my frames, and I don’t search sharpness or perfection.
  • If there’s not enough light, it’s perfect : I get grain.
  • I instinctively reframe. I feel how to rectangle my lasso. It’s very feng shui in a way…
  • Oh, the light. Sun in hair. Cold cricket. Spider protecting her eggs in the sun. A little blurry blue sky, the transparency of ants…
  • Therefore, attitudes. The spanish fly looking aside. A strongy butterfly standing like a warrior. A slippery wet leaf for my harvestman. And the last one, who seems to say “What the heck is that metallic structure?”.


Insects photography has always been a pleasure for me. It’s really like staying a child. It’s a “Oh, look!” non-professional state of mind I really like to live. It’s like sparkling jungle life in a modest little nature (no danger, no tropical proliferation here) near the sea. Gardens. Woods. These little persons are living their life…


Thanks for reading/watching!













Stephen Shore, mesmeric #Photographer


Stephen Shore is very special to me.

  • Like William Eggleston, he’s one great artist who “rediscovered” color photography when everybody was shooting in black & white.
  • He uses light and sun (and therefore the shadows) like nobody else.
  • He likes to take normal, “non interesting” places, like suburbs, streets, parkings – I am very touched by this approach.
  • His book, Uncommon Places, is a marvel.
  • Each photography is charged with a mood. You can almost breathe the air of it.
  • He has his own way of photographing normal lands, cars, streets, people with so much… care that all these become fascinating, mesmeric.


I found 12 pictures for you (plus the front cover of his book). Stare at these.

Have a nice day!


4.2.723541img_31244466864031_a05ce1819a_oasx-tv-stephen-shore-behind-mythology-2013.htmlTwenty-First Street and Spruce Street,bottom-stephen-shoreserveimageshore-carsstephen_shore-vernaculaire-53stephen-shore-3stephen-shore-09-1080x856stephen-shore-elpaso-large



Harry #Gruyaert, photographer


Harry_Gruyaert is a Belgian photographer, member of Magnum Photos. He’s well known for his work with color (in a way I love : cf Saul Leiter, William Eggleston, Stephen Shore). Let’s say… he pushes some levers. He has this capacity to stop you from seeing so many images. Like : “Hey, wait a minute….”.

I’m deeply in love with his work.

Thanks for reading! Have a nice day!


Mikhail Vrubel, Russian Painter


Vrubel (1856-1910) was a Russian Painter.

You can Google Image his name or “Михаи́л Алекса́ндрович Вру́бель” to find his work. It’s haunting, like made of scales, and it’s a perfect example, for me, or strangeization

When you encounter his work, there’s a chance your brain begins to… like… address his case. It’s a very good indication, for me!

After the picture of his Seated Demon, there’s a fragment of the right part, like it?

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David Febland, #Painter #USA #instagram

I’m fascinated. David Febland paints too much, he’s too fast, he cares but he doesn’t care that much. He has a great sense of light. For color… sometimes, sometime. He is amazing, in the middle of a big loosened casualness. In twenty years from now, he could be a legend. The path is… fascinating. I can’t get rid of his mistakes, his work, his successes. He’s great. Just look at it :