Broom and Pen : the “Decrease Level of Technology” Trick

We are surrounded by technology. Smartphones, machines, motors and computers. For the most part, it’s a good thing, right ? I won’t write an article about the dark sides of tech : you’ll find bunch of them on the web.

Everyone knows the “Decrease Level of Technology” trick. Sometimes, it’s just maybe useful to use it really.

If you draw on a tablet on your computer, you already know that you get new ideas when you just take a pen and a notebook and get sitassed in a park. If you’re an architect, you zip from your computer to your kitchen table where you can play with cardboard & scissors and inventinker a little model of your idea.

This trick follows this good principle of “When something goes wrong, do something unusual”, if you feel stuck or in a wrong mood, or for no reason.

Let the vacuum cleaner and the dishwasher sleep, take a broom, or spongewash the dishes with your lover as a dryer-towel. You will talk differently. Stop WhatsHapping your distant soulmate : take a pen, write on paper, a real letter. It’s different, it opens other paths, and will show you something else, your brain activates other areas. Leave your car, just bike or walk to go buy the bread and croissants for the morning. You’ll go back in bed with another smile.

I told my daughter to look into a paper Encyclopedia Universalis when then are bored copying Wikipedia.

Make a mayonnaise with a fork. Well, you can try !

I remember Martin L. Gore of Depeche Mode telling that a piece of music has to sound good on an acoustic guitar BEFORE he could attack the synthesizer and machines and production process. And this is a huge structural tool – what is really important in music ?

I remember Ernst Jünger staying in Sicilia for a while, choosing a room without electricity, on purpose, just to find another pace…

#sisters #braderieddelille2015 #togegherness
#sisters #braderieddelille2015 #togegherness

Tools : “Decrease Level of Technology”, and also watch what’s happening. How what you discover can feed the upper level ? Try to find where are the subtle-zones of progresses when you operate. Use these as micro-tools and apply them to you comfort zone. By the way, what if your comfort zone suddenly stays IN the new way you work and act ? Less is more ?

You don’t HAVE TO do it really, sometimes. Just think about it and write down. Example : What about analog photography for a while ? What are the consequences ? You have to buy rolls of film, it’ll cost money. Suddenly you have to think when you trigger, right ? OK, stay digital, and constrain yourself : take one picture every ten minutes. What ?

Sometimes you can decrease and work JUST to increase easiness when you are back on your usual level, like this running guy who trained for months in old boots just to feel like flying when he wore his running shoes in the competition day.

Where will you apply it ?

Thanks for reading !



The Boulez Wall (and how to Jump over it)

Pierre Boulez just died, he was a french conductor of importance and a composer of… let’s say avant-garde music. OK : “He does the crazy music”.

Listen to his …explosante-fixe…  – how do you feel about it ?

Some ideas are thumbtacked into our heads : it’s complicated, trop sophistiqué, ridiculous, random snap. Avant-garde. There’s a wall here, and you don’t want to go further.

But what if you dethumbtack, for once ? What happens when in music we go outside of our comfort zone ?

There’s a wall, let’s call it the Boulez Wall. Stay there, in front of the wall, stay on YouTube. Can you say why you don’t like this music ? Are you able to jump over the wall ? No ? OK, try : just listen to the music, the whole thing. Is that sooo terrible ?

You can try to understand many things in fact. Why you don’t like it, of course, but Also… how it is made (Google is your friend). You can explore also some good old questions sur l’Art : does it have to be pleasant or beautiful, or can it be interesting to analyse, too ? Is there a territory (comfort zone) you could spreadwiden ?

Wikipedia :…explosante-fixe…

You maybe just have to know that the flutes are linked to an electronic device. Go to minute 29 and wait a few seconds, listen to the veils of sounds….

You will probably have to find your own way to appreciate the music (Close your eyes and see things ? Battle against your incompréhension ? Listen with dreaming distance ? Etc). Voilà !

Dial : Here, it’s about the Comfort Zone Dial. In art or life or work, you can just want to stay in this zone. Good. This is a territory, which has boundaries, les frontières. If you go outside of the zone, are you interested or afraid ? Curious, or bored ?

Lever : Choose something you “think” you don’t like. An author, a genre, une période de l’histoire, a movie director. Play. Insist. Or not.

Dethumbtack – I like this word !