Questions about Difference

There are “seed words” like this one. Just a word. This word is covered with moving strings. It resonates. It’s like a multi-tool. Difference:

  • Difference “of what”? Intensity? Nature?
  • Do we talk about meaning, or identity?
  • Can two things be different in appearance, but not in itself?
  • Quality or quantity?
  • Are differences oppositions? What (and why) is affirmation of difference(s)?
  • Are differences states? Like raw and cooked, alive and dead.
  • What’s the struggle to define differences and where do we see that?
  • If compliance is a state, what is a superior accomplishment? What is deviance?
  • What is resemblance? How is resemblance a difference?
  • Must difference be represented?
  • What is simulacra? What is virtual? Is it the same, but not the same?
  • What are structures, or models? Finding “the same” within differences? Are there levels of differences then?
  • Is negation opposition?
  • What is differentiation? The process of becoming different? Who notices?
  • What is diversity?
  • Can one cancel differences? What for? How?
  • What is extension? What is “to grow”? Evolution? Are there levels and stages? What are stages?
  • What is an evolving system? What evolves, what parts? Is there a “system of growing differences”?

Where do we see this?

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The Well Decorated Person

Make up. For many women in our world, it’s a must-be, societal mandatory, right?

(I’m happy to be a man : I avoid this “pressure”)

I know a woman, she’s adorable :

  1. She wears make up, because she’s a goth, or an emo, or whatever. Their eyes “must be” like this, etc. OK.
  2. She wears a huge tatoo over her breasts (size of two open hands), thus she – most of the time – “shows” it with a cleavagy outfit.
  3. She has plenty of piercings, including the nosy-cowy one. Lips. Ears. Plenty.
  4. On her jacket : a big dozen badges and label pins.

As it’s Christmas soon, it came to me today, and I’m sorry :

She is as decorated, every day, as a Christmas tree.

And why not? Everybody has their own way to be well in the world, right? Why not, really?

If I follow my theory, she does that… to be loved. But is it “that” simple?

Layers of “interesting” stuff on your face and body, daily, at work? Why? To be noticed? To “appear”? To show something?

Do I show my “difference” with all this cavalry? Do I need to appear different – and by this being placed in a little basin which is a pretty ordinary goth-type? Why the fuque?

Why do people need to “show”?

What could be a dandy here? Can we imagine a big revelation like “Oh well this is totally nonsensical”? We have a mathematician in France, which is now a congressman, who is on the picture I show here.

But WHY don’t I understand anything of “wearing” things (“interesting” like a metal spider)? Is it to be noticed? But why? To show something? To trigger something? To say something? I don’t get it. Signs Carrier. Merdouille.

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Tim Burton & Charles Burns


OK I don’t like Tim Burton’s work – though I watch most of his films.

Sometimes I admit it gets perfect, like in Nightmare Before Christmas.

I love his musician : Dany Elfman. I love Lisa Marie in Mars Attack, or the snow scene in Edward Scissorhands.

I find most of his films boring because he’s doing a little symmetry from Disney (where he comes from, right?). Not obsessed by love but by death, not pink but black, etc. Moons, nights, claw-like trees, fog, it always the saaaame. For me, it’s as much platitude cliché than romantic sunsets with lovers.

He’s playing doll, he teaches us nothing, he never frightens us really, he’s a blah blah blah false macabre.

In his last interviews, Burton admits he’s running in circles, having said, maybe, everything in his little territory, which I could call :

mainstream harmless cute gothic, with sweet crackpots

I dreamed of Burton making other movies (which, I reckon, is stupid). It’s harmless, and I see the pinky behind the “dark fairy tale” imagery. And I hated all of Alice. So there!




I read Black Hole, from Charles Burns, a very disturbing experience. It haunts you, it makes you think, it makes you wonder about his metaphors, monsters, difference, art, unadaptability, sickness of society, decadence, melancholy…

There : it touches something, it works – even if it’s not pleasant.





Burton has something in common with Charles Burns. He depicts the American way of life as a sweet suburb nightmare. One is harmless, the other one is… terrible.




The questions are :

What do I think about this state of mind who wants to be shown differences, to be disturbed… but without any more consequences than pleasure? Is there a matter of borders?

For example, I love action movies with accidents and gunshots (Fury Road, The Heat), but I absolutely can’t bear cam footages of real murders and deaths on 4chan.

Burton bores me. Burns fascinates and disturbs me. There’s a border, right?

Is it a fakeness problem? Where could I find this frontier, elsewhere? In music? Is there a fake avant-garde? Where? What is a rebel in his parents’s house? Where do I use MAYA here (most advanced, yet acceptable)? In front of Art, do I want to suckle sugar pleasure, or do I want to be disturbed and questioned a little?

Hmmmm too big. Needs other articles, right?

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Meandering Rolling between Differences

Reading the preface of Gide/Valéry ‘s correspondence, I kept this idea : these guys, so different, had almost nothing in common. Their friendship lasted 50 years for no reason other than itself. An intimacy where they judge each other, enrich each other, confess the deepest, on a kind of rare air summit.

Manon Lescaut is a French novel which came a Puccini opera (“Manon Lescaut”) and a Massenet opera (“Manon”). Every classical music lover knows that there’s a pleasure in comparing versions of the same opera (I wrote an article about this : What does Manon Lescaut want?). But here, you can also have fun noticing the differences in the librettos – inventing a 3D game of differences of differences…

A model (a car, a boat model) is “the same, littler”, but not exactly, right? Like a map for a territory. A model is a lie. It’s the same for representation, “this is not a pipe”, says Magritte under his painting of a pipe. Indeed it’s not. Same with words? This differences-dance between real and representation or telling is a rolling dance…

A map misses something (the wind, the changing light, events). But it’s an analogy. “This for that”. A line for the road. A dot for the house. A cross for the church. Different.

Displacing effectiveness or for effectiveness. A model is tinier. When you focus on analogies, you notice the differences. It can become a code. An icon. A symbol. The christian cross has no Jesus on it. A drawing of a knot shows something, but doesn’t secure anything. And when you tell a story, you miss 99% of it and you change the rhythm.

Noticing differences between two things, ideas, persons : a source of happy tension, thoughts, your brain stands up : enrichment.


You have your A? Find your B thing!


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Illness and Reality

When I was about 16 I’ve been very ill for some months. Rheumatic Fever, they call it. It’s pretty rare in our days in occident, a bacteria attacking heart, kidneys, among many other dangerous things. It was frightening

I noticed two things :

  • People were watching me differently (I had the label “dangerous disease” on my forehead).
  • I watched life differently too.

When you carry something like that, diabetes, cancer, or even… pregnancy, you evolve in the world in another way. You swim in another water. You have different glasses. Some things become very important, and some others things you see seem ridiculous. Yes it’s an insularity : somewhere it makes you lonely. You don’t get other people’s dramas. And you don’t necessarily want to explain why…

Do you say? When do you have to? What kind of island are you on? Who understands? Do you need to find similar cases to share with? What is different, if you dig? Where is the fear? The security?

Good day!


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The Art of Inside Sidestepping – “Social Dilettantism Protection Tent” #INTJ

This is a whole box of tools about Inside Sidestepping. I evoked it in an article about how to disappear in oneself for a short moment : Waldgänger. It’s about “staying where you are, but you don’t believe anymore”. An exercise INTJs love to do !

In love, at work, at a meeting, within a group of friends : you can use that everywhere. Suddenly you’re out. Suddenly you see how things work, and you become a watcher :

  • It’s not rebelling, it’s about watching, and feeling differently
  • It can be protection, sheltering
  • Suddenly you don’t play the game, or you do “as if”, and you watch
  • You let yourself be thoughtful, pensive, undecided
  • The others don’t know you’re in your tent
  • You can invent, build, and destroy your tent in a second
  • You stay there, but you don’t believe, you’re a dilettante, a dabbler
  • You can be sarcastic or ironic, or not – it’s not required
  • Suddenly, things are not that serious, and they even can become surrealistic
  • Being there is a recovery, a resumption, an escape, a relief
  • It’s a way to survive, to have fun, a way to stay zen
  • It can lead to a positive form of hypocrisy, a mask game
  • Sidestepping is like asking to yourself : “Who’s misled here?”
  • You can go back in the game in one second

You decide it, or you can be put there : if you’re pregnant, or sick, you go on living in the world but the way you see it is different. Your “inside sidestepping” carries on, for a long time.

Feel free to add ideas in comments. Thanks for reading!


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