Birds for scale

We all noticed it, but without words :

When, in a movie, there’s a “huge place”, a monument, a city, a monster, they put “birds for scale”, a bunch of!

I was happy to discover there was a SubReddit for this :

For this statue, birds are everywhere (and men’s silhouettes for good measure) :

Of course this made me think of its structure, and asked myself where else it could be used :

“Add elements B of another nature/scale to A, to, by contrast, make the audience feel and understand, size or else of A”.

What if I used prose in a poem of verses? What if used jazz in seconds of an electronic music track? What if I used a photo in a part of a painting? What if in a classroom I…

It’s not a process of surprise, like Strangeization, it’s a process of adding something for contrast.

Voilà! I let you think on this. Have a good day!



Charlie Bowater is a Type – Illustration

Charlie Bowater is a Type.

She has a Deviant Art page, of course :

Typical comments of her page : “Your work is so so beautiful!! “. She’s popular, I suppose, as I found 375 pages of comments for her.

Illustrator for teenagers fantasy books, right?

It’s not the type I meant.

I watch a picture, another one, another one, etc. Dozens. I’m very critical. This is absolutely NOT my cup of tea. Her colors are very ordinary. There’s too much sugar for teens everywhere. And it is, most of the time, fastidiously meticulous. Everything is so gorgeous and well done that I feel a little nauseous.

Here are four of them :



Well, voilà. I don’t like that (though I see the talent and work, OK?). But I kept watching, though. Why?

I was wondering why, silly!

She had something, but I couldn’t find it.

Until I saw her sketchs, her drawings, her drafts :



Voilà, there it is, JP!

Non Finito! Something takes off when she’s fast and casual, when she searches. Less sugar, less gorgeous colors, and more expression.

Charlie won’t probably go towards Simon Bisley‘s exaggerations. But I hope, I really hope 1/ she will have success, 2/ she will go on studying masters, in order to find her “another territory”, a more modern, adult, intriguing and complex one.

Farewell, dear! Bonne route, good road!


Yes, it’s a dial to watch! What about you, us, me? Should you stop and study? Do you have to get out of your “territory”, your comfort zone? Why? Can this movement make you grow up? How? Who do you know who could TELL you this? Are you surrounded with fans who tell you you’re the greatest? What if they make you stagnate in “this” glory?


Thanks for reading!




Juan Martínez Bengoechea, #painter

It’s about people in the 1920s, doing things you don’t understand, or posing like in front of an imaginary photograph. My eyebrows are moving up, that’s it! I kind of like the movement it triggers in my mind : a wonder, most of the time…

Have a great day!



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By Jove ! GILES is a genius cartoonist

Giles was a cartoonist best known for his work for the British newspaper the Daily Express.

He drew mainly single but highly detailed panel, about British life.

I bought dozens of books in UK on ebay for nothing : he’s absolutely unknown outside of Great Britain because his “jokes” were often linked with British events. It’s now outdated, but what remains is so gorgeous that… I had to write about it. I’m thankful, in a way!

I admire him for his sense of space, light and scenery. There are often plenty of funny little details to look for. This gives you a special smile.

He invented a British family, and the star is “Grandma”.

I chose here three panels linked to bad weather. I love the three characters trying to hide from the cold wind in 1, the perspective and the wet road in 2, and the contrast of the guy sleeping and the rain outside in 3.

In a single drawing, you have a whole British mood. You will find plenty on Pinterest. Really, give it a try, watch his sense of image. This guy always knew where to put his camera…

Bloody rain! By Jove!


Aaron Nakahara’s Digital Art

I’m just an ignorant in this field, but I often wander on DeviantArt to discover digital artists. There are masters, there are thousands of interesting artists. And sometimes, in the middle of bunches of good ones,  your eyebrows never stop to get up. Like “Heyyyy”…

Aaron Nakahara – Cobaltplasma is one of them.

There’s a good path to follow to begin : explore his favorites in Deviant Art : You’ll find artists with a talent for : faces, drama, landscapes, darkness or colors, space, energy or perspective. This “door” could be enough to explore the whole website : explore their favorites’ too, and you have your own pathway into this, out of “popular” things, etc.

Him? I like his freedom and the part of casualness you smell in his fast sketches. His sense of exaggeration is amazing! His lines…

He writes a little text under some of his drawings, I invite you to read them.

peace_and_harmony_by_cobaltplasma-d9pkbo2call_of_the_dragon_by_cobaltplasma-da2f2xwaaron-nakahara-setsunaiiIt makes me wonder : will this guy become a master in finished pieces, or in his “30 mn” sketches?

Thanks for reading!