2 Goddesses for the world : Chronicle 17

What if the world was ruled by two sisters Goddesses that nobody on Earth know or pray? Imagine their loneliness or their anger, their boredom, their wisdom…


Rilke writes that there are three ways for a passion to die :

  1. Exhaustion
  2. Transformation
  3. Substitution


Seeds to think about and with :

  • “When you don’t examine Belzebuth’s proposition”
  • “Dramatize tensions for lack of solving them”
  • “Something happening for itself, and not as a preparation for something to come”
  • “An obscure text, even for the author”
  • “To take an interest in what’s left on the side
  • “Something is said, showed. Something isn’t, is hidden. What if you lean on the frontier between both?”
  • “Change down a gear”. When? Where? How? Why?


Moon rays catchers. Who are they?


What kind of inner silence do you feel when someone accuses you of things you haven’t done since a long time?


Here are some Eluard poems translated in English :





…the fear of being forgotten








Shelf for Seeds, a new way to arrange your books

You know that there are entire books about “how to arrange your bookshelves”. Alphabetically, authors’s names, centuries, genres and themes, companies…

I used to casually group things. Books about movies. Pocket books by collection. All books about an author I love (Chekhov, Bernhard, Faulkner or Jünger). Art books. Etc.

As I write this blog, I just had the idea of picking up some books from all these shelves and to regroup them in an empty bookshelf, called : “Books of many Seeds”.

Many books stays out of this, it’s easy : novels, or books digging “one concept”. In fact, only a few books (three shelves by now) are able to live there. They are the “Books of many seeds”. If you need an idea to write an article, just pickchoose one.

Have a nice day !

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