Black Trite Bloody Skulls

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Chekhov says that nothing is more awful and depressing than banality.

There ARE more awful things, though… but I agree than the pink and black sides of mundane banal trite clichĂ©d boredom are depressing.

Tritely Tritely Lalala, what are these?

These are the two sides of the SAME boring simple small bowls :

  1. PINK : forever love in the sun, sunset kisses, flowers orgy, summer syrup music and schmaltzy wishy-washes…
  2. BLACK : forever suffering, fog, zombies, cemeteries, skulls tattoos, autumn bloody roses, gothic music, dark winter moods…

I know a gothic girl (“No I’m not, she says”) who wears black only and collect dozens of pairs of Dr. Martens – and all I see is the simple symmetry : pinky cotton candy and collecting walls of pumps.

Kidults cattle are awful. The herds are 30 or 40 years old, they happily collect Pop Figures, swimming in mainstream boring geeky shit and other TimBurtonneries marketed by the truck. Gothic & Emo people are worse : banal gothical bad music (with choir and interesting hair), piercings and boring “death inspired” tattoos…

With this real horror in front of you have to hide your sarcasms : they all feel “different”…

“We’re different, let’s gather to… resemble”

Peas in a pot.

This week I found this blood stained Walking Dead welcome mat. Oh my.

So some people are amused/fascinated by death? And why not? What I reproach to this somber shit is :

  1. its childishitty – impossible to talk about adult things, about masters of the past, about branches of art or music, about the complexities of life, or history… impossible to have a conversation out of gossips and other “all politic world is rotten”…
  2. its stupid innocence – here is one crying before one “Don’t open, Dead inside” welcome mat, as his daughter has just been killed in a car accident, or as a wife just died of brain cancer…

Awwwe suddenly it’s not funny anymore?

By the wayyy, it’s Halloween todayyy! Yeyyy!

Will you obey, crowd? Party on with dark make-up? Watch a horror movie? Yes. Good idea. Follow…




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Goth Subculture Predictability

Halloween in June

So you work in a store, a big store.

It’s June.

A truck delivers big packs of Halloween shit.

Yeah! That’s the way it works today…

You’re like a bit amazed by such an amount of stupidity.

But you’re told to present all this.


In June.

You place it. All of it.

Then, it’s, you can guess, a big failure.

Dust piles up on orange skulls and pumpkins.

Nobody buys it.

Until this angry day in the end of August…

When your good manager says :

“Sales not good, send all this back to the supplier!”.

Well, of course your mind could be full of WTFs.

But it’s not.

You don’t expect common sense from this world.

You just don’t.

You send all back.

This is “normal”.

Because, one week before Halloween…

You install Christmas stuff.



That’s the way this world goes.



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