French end of the afternoon near the sea Street Photography

Let’s imagine the levers you have in street photography.

  1. Consent : from “not telling anyone” you’re taking pictures to “asking politely to everybody you aim”.
  2. Speed : from “triggering one pic a second” to “carefully wait for a magic moment”.
  3. Movement : from “sitting on a corner with a zoom” to “taking pictures from a moving car”.
  4. Frame : from “by guesswork” or “single-handedly” to meticulousness.


I admit it’s not my cup of tea, but I played this exercise a few times. From a moving car, in summer, I took something like 200 pictures in twenty minutes. It had something with speed-aiming, improvisation, decisions, random, joy, openness, frustration…

Then watch them all on my computer, hoping I’d find a couple of good ones, then finding a few average ones, accepting bad framings, blurries, dark lights. I chose these.

If I have a mood, I’m happy. Hoping you’ll find one you like…

Thanks for reading!




Long cool movies for holidays Part 1

Winter holidays are linked to childhood. I was born in 1966 and there were 3 TV channels. Three. I was happy to spend a little time with the TV magazine, to circle good films with a red pen.

Today I remember these Big Budget Long Movies, with an Intermission, see? I remember Chitty Chitty Bang Bang (“with the guy of Mary Poppins”), Mary Poppins, The Sound of Music, or Dr Zhivago. These let you, as a child of this era, full of tears, happiness and energy, and I’m sure it put a strong core into me. Something like… whatever.


Have a nice New Year’s eve!