Who’s lured & misled, here?

Il n’existe pas un esprit qui soit d’accord avec soi-même. Ce ne serait plus un esprit.
There is no one spirit who agrees with itself. It wouldn’t be a spirit any more.
Paul Valéry



“Qui trompe-t-on, ici ?” – Who’s misled, here?

A theatre professional (an actor, a director) knows he “has to create an illusion”. Therefore each time he goes to watch a play, a movie, or reads a book, he sees the illusion… but he may feel pleasure too. He is just not completely taken in…

We all have that skill, more or less : it depends. It happens when you’re in your domain, like the actress watching a movie. But for other people it happens all the time.

Who’s lured & misled, here?

It’s a state of mind. A quick capacity of “Inside Sidestepping”. You’re never completely taken in, you always see when you’re manipulated :

  1. It happens when you’re a pro and you know all the tricks.
  2. It happens when you’re in a situation where you’re forced to think different (illness or anything that modifies your mood).
  3. It happens when you have it, this ability to detect the use of illusion (or bullshit, if you prefer).


The problem is : you have to live, though. You see the masks, and you see that others don’t see the masks, and that’s all. It’s like you have to work on it, on shutting up the desire to warn others. Then you can have fun…

The world of men can become a subject of curiosity.

Most of the time, you don’t participate. 

Haha : Hunting Parrots, you can do. Very fun.


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Thoughtlessness, a disaster : Chronicle 20

Thoughtlessness is one of the worst flaw.

“Didn’t you give any forethought to the possible outcome before you acted?”

You choose things, you say things, you act without thinking for the consequences for you… of for others. Where does it come from? Boredom? Stupidity? Absent-mindedness?


Creating difficulties? What for?

To have fun, to get challenged, it’s the most obvious reason. Just think PUZZLE, which is, when you think about it, a really strange way to entertain people, right?

We need to use our strengths?


There are dozens of ways to analyze why a couple exists, and what is love made of.

There’s a double-thing, among many others. When you’re with her (same for him) :

  • What do you bring to her? What does she bring to you?
  • What grows up into her? What grows up in you?


Some illusions are necessary – as a part of the “growing up process”. Others are not. Fuck.


“Distrait pendant les remontrances” is a whole picture : “Inattentive while remontrances“. You can picture “Nobody really has an authority on me”, a kid, a teacher, a spouse, an old donkey. What it it? A way to cope, a protection? Or a real farawayness, off the world? Bullet dodging? Decision?


Write a novel beginning by : “She wrote him an infinite letter”.


“Dodging a bullet” is an interesting idiom…

Urban Dictionary says “If someone has dodged a bullet, they have successfully avoided a very serious problem.”, that makes sense, thought I wonder, as an ESL, what is the “color” of it : is it by cowardice or because you’re smart? Is it effectiveness and skillfulness, or is it, when you dodge a bullet, because you’re a lazy coward? When do you use it?

Well, I ask this because I understood also that “dodge” is something which is simply “not right”, like a fraudy thing, and I found many sarcastic things about Dodge City – I also remember in Deliverance (the movie) the talking about “an old Dodge” – sounded “old wreck”, but whatever.


Idea for a short story :

Thoughtlessness dodging this bullet, (s)he provoked a disaster”


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Words and Concepts are Liars

“Through words and concepts we are still con­tinually misled into imagining things as being simpler than they are, sep­arate from one another, indivisible, each existing in and for itself”.

Nietzsche, Human All Too Human

This is huge. I think every thinker is aware of this problem. Words and concepts put us in cages, we “think” they explain or describe reality, but they are NOT. Words simplify things, it’s very convenient, to analyze, to draw maps for the mind. But they are not enough.

Poets and photographs know this very well. They work BETWEEN the words, in subtleties and complexity.

It’s ALWAYS more complex than we think.

It why I wrote so many times about labels. If you discover your son is autistic or gifted, you immediately put him in a “box with a label“, and it’s a forever thing!

But there are millions of shades, and each of them… are moving, changing, evolving.

So we often think we know, but we don’t. We don’t know anybody, for example. We’re all islands, we’re complex, we have many faces, and we change along the days.

You can say : “He’s sad”, but you’ll never know how it moves, and how much sad he is, and if it is colored with sarcasm, suicide ideas, or hidden hope. You don’t know if he is aware of all that. You have to talk for a long time with him, to know.

Words are dangerous because they make you more stupid. We have to use them, because it’s the way we communicate, but we constantly need to remember their weakness.

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