You don’t stop progress, so what do you do with it?

Bahhh it’s an old say.

I remember the little book of Akira Kurosawa, who remembers that when the movies were silent in Japan, there were people in each cinema, playing music, dialogs, and some sound effect. When the talking pictures came, these people were in the streets, protesting. And well…

It’s the same for everything. Electricity killed the oil lamps market. Cars killed the horse cart market. Electric cars will harm the gas stations, little by little (in Norway, today, more than 60% of new cars are electric).

Today I make images with AIs, and that’s cool because… I don’t know how to draw. I just describe what I want, add some little tricks in words (I’m learning) to precise textures (painting, digital, video game?), and I get pictures, plenty of them, all unique and different. The AI invents for me. And batches plenty.

“Luminescent mushrooms in a mystical forest, twilight, fireflies, clearing, bokeh” gives as many as these as you want (hundreds, if you like):

So I found out that some digital artists find it “unfair”. In a way, I understand that!

But what I feel is they should use it, today.

I can switch on the light, but I don’t have an oil lamp. I can drive a car, but I can’t take care of a horse (and I’m short of room in my apartment).

When I post images in forums, like in Reddit, I got things like:

So, people love it, but some want to ban it. And I’ve been banned from many of them! The viewers love them, but the moderators hate them. It’s not “real art” (and is it, after all)?

Today, it’s a bit difficult to use these Google Colabs. And it’s lonnng. If you use the free option, you need one hour for an image. I pay, and I need 6-7 minutes/image.

There are hundreds of colabs, and very soon (this year, next year?) you’ll be able to get images in seconds. Concept artists will use these tools (or teach them), for sketching, to get ideas, for colors, composition, etc.

Some sites offer this already, in a simple form: Wombo Art,

There’s no horse-skill in driving fast cars, it’s like… unfair, right? Drivers developed other skills. Today, to get cool images, you have to know what words are useful, and how to combine them. Unfair, maybe, but people have fun, and are creative (in their own way), and I kind of like it.

I began to make tutorials (on YT) for digital artists, how they could use this. I’ll make more, concept art for characters, using initial sketches to create something else, etc.

Maybe it’ll create a new job: “digital ideas provider”. Hmm…

What do you think?

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Zeen Chin, Malaysian Illustrator

Zeen Chin, Malaysian Illustrator, has his own universe, right? Great pastellish colors, great use of them, obsession with masks, baby-like creatures and monsters, and a curious sense of intimacy…

It stopped me on Pinterest. Here are some. Many more at :


Jeffrey Catherine Jones, American artist

Jeffrey Catherine Jones (1944-2011)

How come I didn’t know her work? I grew up and a little part of my interest was aimed at Heroic Fantasy. I read a few Conan books, I loved Fritz Leiber. Illustrators, for me? Two names : Frank Frazetta and Boris Vallejo. Then I loved John Howe, Roger Dean…

I love this “Fantasy” work and I spent a good hour on Pinterest, fascinated. I suppose I found two reasons :

  1. Non finito : it’s like not finished, therefore more alive, more modern, I dunno…
  2. Weird structures : I always have a half-second of “What’s happening here?”, which is something I love

Non Finito : Inchoateness in Art

Strangeization Tool & Eyebrow Criteria


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Ralph McQuarrie appreciation #StarWars

In France we say La Guerre des Etoiles, which mean : Stars War. Hmmm??

Today I’d like to thank Ralph McQuarrie (1929-2012), the illustrator who invented visuals for Darth Vader, Stromtroopers, R2-D2 & C-3PO, Chewbacca, the Cloud City and the AT-AT Walkers. Well, that’s not nothing!!

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Simon Bisley, British comic book artist

Simon Bisley is pushing the levers. Comics with monsters and heroes are exaggerating, right? He exaggerates MORE. Bim. Voilà. So there!

Like : “OK, take this”.

I love exaggerators, they’re playing with limits. There’s a childish pure joy in this crazy art. Therefore, it makes me smile and sometimes I foreheadpalm laugh, OMG.

When Wolverine fights Hulk, come on : let’s do this…

His Slaine books are splendid.

Have a nice day. Google him, there are plenty more!..


Here are a few, grrrrr :


Charlie Bowater is a Type – Illustration

Charlie Bowater is a Type.

She has a Deviant Art page, of course :

Typical comments of her page : “Your work is so so beautiful!! “. She’s popular, I suppose, as I found 375 pages of comments for her.

Illustrator for teenagers fantasy books, right?

It’s not the type I meant.

I watch a picture, another one, another one, etc. Dozens. I’m very critical. This is absolutely NOT my cup of tea. Her colors are very ordinary. There’s too much sugar for teens everywhere. And it is, most of the time, fastidiously meticulous. Everything is so gorgeous and well done that I feel a little nauseous.

Here are four of them :



Well, voilà. I don’t like that (though I see the talent and work, OK?). But I kept watching, though. Why?

I was wondering why, silly!

She had something, but I couldn’t find it.

Until I saw her sketchs, her drawings, her drafts :



Voilà, there it is, JP!

Non Finito! Something takes off when she’s fast and casual, when she searches. Less sugar, less gorgeous colors, and more expression.

Charlie won’t probably go towards Simon Bisley‘s exaggerations. But I hope, I really hope 1/ she will have success, 2/ she will go on studying masters, in order to find her “another territory”, a more modern, adult, intriguing and complex one.

Farewell, dear! Bonne route, good road!


Yes, it’s a dial to watch! What about you, us, me? Should you stop and study? Do you have to get out of your “territory”, your comfort zone? Why? Can this movement make you grow up? How? Who do you know who could TELL you this? Are you surrounded with fans who tell you you’re the greatest? What if they make you stagnate in “this” glory?


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René Gruau, fashion illustrator

Gruau’s tall women are impossible. This fashion illustrator knew something : the aristocracy of them. They are a mess, tall, a damn nuisance, and totally adorable. Hate them and love them, at the same time.

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1 (8)1 (28)1 (30)1 (57)1 (79)1 (89)1 (107)1 (118)1 (163)1 (186)Женщина с шарфом на голове. 36.5 х 25.5 см. бумага, тушь, масло и мел. Частная коллекцияРеклама для Peggy Sage. ок.1955. 53.3 х 40 см. бумага. гуашь. Частная коллекцияРыженькая. ок.1950. 40.7 х 31.5 см. бумага, гуашь. Частная коллекция



Maxfield Parrish – American painter & illustrator.

Maxfield Parrish (1870 – 1966) was an American painter and illustrator. He’s a levers-pusher : his work is too much something. Obviously.

You’ll find your too much, right? Too fairy-talish. Too colored. Too cute. You almost want to poke his shoulder : “Are you sure??”. I found his melancholic portrait too…

But this toomuchy guy makes you dig until you find little gems, winter landscapes and other Wyeth-esque (the grandfather) adventures. His works influenced movie posters and album sleeves (yeahhh Enya). Some Roger Dean‘s for Yes, too…

Yesss, childhood…

Norman Rockwell had an idol. Guess who…


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Simon Stålenhag, Swedish Digital Painter

Digital Artist? Designer? Painter? I don’t know. He has a universe (countryside, dying machines, toys, megastructures), but he has “this” sense of light, mood and weather that I love.

On Wikipedia :

Official Website : (you’ll find his FB and Twitter there)

To buy prints :

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