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Endearing so-called body flaws

There’s a delicious portrait documentary, Jane B. by Agnès V.

Jane Birkin (an English singer with a great career in France) was Serge Gainsbourg’s soulmate, and Agnès Varda, born in Belgium, was married with Jacques Demy, who directed The Umbrellas of Cherbourg…

In this adorable film, I was amazed by one dialog. The two women was questioning the fact that in a park, some beautiful statues had been defaced, damaged by some people. One of both then says : “It’s because body perfection is exhausting”. Maybe it was a way to make them more human, closer to us?


I’m not sure it’s a good theory, but it let a seed in my mind. Body perfection is boring, and everyone today knows it’s a terrible pressure (mostly for women) too. Medias, magazines, models, images : a perpetual bombing of lonnnng legs and perfect skin, blah blah blah.


I follow a great instagrammer, alex_cameron, an English photographer who makes pictures of splendid girls in splendid dresses in splendid decors. One day (October 3, 2017) she posted a selfie – which she does very rarely – in underwear, called “uncut”, the “unretouched me”. Read her text under the picture, it’s great!


We men all like to watch “perfect bodies”, of course, but we mostly fall in love with the “so-called” flaws. Our lover’s breasts are not enough this or too much that, same for your legs, your arms, your calves, your eyes, your mouth. So what?? Your body is… endearing! We want to hug you! We’re not perfect either, right? We fell in love with the whole you… There are no “flaws” : we love you as you are. Perfection is boring. Don’t change anything, OK?

Have a nice day!



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