Fabio Vittorelli, Italian Photographer


He Italian, did you guess it?

It’s hard to define his style. He likes the streets. His pictures are careful, like conscientious. He likes lines. There’s a Virgo, in this guy, for sure. His Facebook page is great!

It’s not enthralling like Eggleston, haunting like Stephen Shore. It’s not toxically splendid like Gruyaert. But each picture almost makes you “stop and ohhh”…

Like the one I put on top. The lines. Including the dark sea…

No genius here : good ideas, good frames, meticulousness, and a genuine desire to show. He makes splendid nudes. There’s tenderness, here, and I love it!

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Segantini, Italian #painter

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Giovanni_Segantini was an Italian painter (1858-1899).

No genius here, and it’s maybe why I love his work so much. His “Bad Mothers” is a masterpiece. I love his way of painting the simple life of people in the mountains at the time. You can feel the wind, right? His “sense of sun” is absolutely fantastic. What a light!

OK, I shut up now : here’s what I found for you…


Bergamoletto, 1755, disaster

In 1755, March 19, a mountain of six feet of snow and rocks buried the little village of Bergamoletto, Italy. More than twenty people disappeared under the avalanche. Rescue teams were organized but they couldn’t save anybody.

But one man, named Rochia, decided to insist. He dug. For weeks. April came and snow and ice began to melt. Rocks, ice, earth, dirt, trees, he dug his way towards his house. He finally reached it and found nobody, no corpse. So, helped by members of his family, he decided to dig where the barn was.

He found his wife and her sister, and his daughter, who was thirteen years old, all alive, thanks to a goat who was with them, who provided them milk, for more than a month…


What do you think? What does this story say? Something about luck? Insistence? Never lose hope? Take your goat with you everywhere?

Thanks for reading!


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