Marcus Aurelius VS bad management

“If only the bird with the loveliest song sang,
the forest would be a lonely place.”
John James Audubon

Ahh… “If only…”.

In France we say “Avec des si on mettrait Paris en bouteille” : “With “ifs” one could put Paris into a bottle”. Makes sense, I suppose…

Bad management is pretty common. If it’s too bad you have to quit, right? It you don’t, you have to deal with it. That simple!

Some managers are lazy, or weak, or just plain stupid. Some are violent, unsteady, irrelevant or beyond understanding.

You can’t fix people, but you can fight, say “It’s enough”, etc. It’s a path, you can go N+1, or use the Union, or make a team with colleagues : I’m not talking about that today.

In front of bad management, you can choose 4 paths :

  1. Have a good ulcer. Or a breakdown.
  2. Find a way to deal with it.
  3. Fight back.
  4. Quit.

Here, Marcus Aurelius is useful :

“If you are distressed by anything external, the pain is not due to the thing itself, but to your estimate of it; and this you have the power to revoke at any moment.

OK, here’s my tool :

  1. Focus for a few minutes and think about what is your job really about.
  2. You’re paid for that, therefore do your job, the best you can.
  3. Consider management as the weather.

That’s all.

  • If you sell things, your shelf displays must be clean and interesting. Vegetable, flowers or books. Great displays. Focus!
  • If you teach, your students must listen and understand, and if they love you, you’re good. Invent tricks and watch them.
  • If you’re a journalist, write great articles, captivate your audience and do your best. Blossom smiles!
  • If you’re a truck driver, drive well and pay attention. Do your job and listen to some good music.
  • Etc. Etc.



It’s sunny? Good! It’s a storm, it rains, it’s cold, windy? Whatever! GOOD!

You can’t fix people. You can’t fix the weather. Focus.

Do your job, JtfC!

Have a nice day!



“What am I gonna do with you?”

Tonight is a good evening. I watched a terribly bad B-Movie (in France we call these “Film Z”, a Z-movie – makes sense?), called Beyond Skyline.

There are two types of low budget Sci-Fi movies. This one is bad. Dialogs like “Move Move Move!”, or “It’s OK! Ok? Okey…”.

But I liked this one, in a way, because there’s a really genuine will to do good. And it’s so bad! Poor guys!

The other type is the Monsters type ( ) by Gareth Edwards, who directed since : Godzilla and Rogue One. Monsters was penniless but fantastic, great, inventive, gorgeous, magic!


In the beginning of Beyond Skyline I found this article idea :

A father (a cop) tries to talk to his son (a rebel) in the tube (before the ETs attack the Earth, OK?), and he says him :

“What am I gonna do with you?”


Oh I love that sentence!!!

And well, this is the subject of this article.

“What am I gonna do with you?” means a lot.

It says something about “a link, but”. About the complexity of life. About love. About something positive (I talk to you) but negative (you’re a mess, man!). This dance of love and bond and difficulties is one of the cores of life…

“What am I gonna do with you?”

What does it mean? What kind of smile dances around it? Why? What is it to be a mess (but I need you around)? Isn’t it the REASON why we like the person, though?


Thanks for reading! (it’s my 800th article!)


To study your field & problems : use History or Geography?

History & Geography are cousins, right? Today I wondered about this : To study your field & problems : use History or Geography?

This is exactly the kind of stupid question I like to play with – sorry.


First you have to define what the problem is. You have ten minutes.


Then :

If you use History‘s tools, you will find elements, predictions (“where does it go?”), understandings from “where does it come from”, time (“when”)…

If you use Geography‘s tools, you’ll find things about the “wheres” : territories, movements, possibilities linked to them…


Oh! Wait a second!

What about other disciplines? Topology? Architecture? Literature? Of course, Psychology or Sociology – but one don’t need an article to think about it…

Inappropriate disciplines to study a problem, here it is.


Take your brain, pick up a random tool. Inappropriately dig in your problem. Find a surprising solution to it. Bingo.


You can also read :

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Thanks for reading!


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Is there a balance between good and bad in one’s life?

My daughter was a bit worried today.

She said to me that her day was too great. “It’s abnormal”, she said : “Something bad will happen – probably.”

Happily we ate good food, made some crepes, and it’s been a really happy day!


We’ve all been there, right? This feeling…

Everything’s fine. Therefore something wrong will happen.


We had a good talk about it. It lead to the idea of an ideal balance in life. Justice.

It’s probably not fair, but there is not (balance). Or justice.

Some days are bad. Some are great! Sometimes we have power on this. Sometimes we have not.

Then you think about another balance : between what you master and what you don’t.

Then you think about Marcus Aurelius, who choose to worry about wh he CAN do. The rest, you have to Amor Fati, “Love what happens”. Acceptance, etc.

This is for masters, right?

You can also pray, or imagine a lucky charm can be useful, but well…


Multiples balances. Decisions and letgoes. Ohlalaaa…

Let’s drown into Royksopp, or open a classic, or have a conversation and split a bottle of wine, OK?


Have a nice day!


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Some Pictures on my Phone…

I had the idea of posting here a dozen pictures I have on my phone. I chose them tonight.

A letter from a friend I wrote hundreds of “real letters” almost 30 years ago. I miss her. I don’t find her. I’m afraid she’s dead today. Life is terribly short…

Like cat the wind turn in the deep of you
Rummages the transparent net of
Puts down silky paw on your

Belfort, a city I didn’t know, in the East of France. I spent hours alone walking into this city. Taking pictures. Breathing. Watching people. The woman I love lives in this city. When she was working, I explored the streets alone or read in parks, near this river, La Savoureuse (The Delicious). Then waiting for her with flowers, after my walks…

A picture of a roof I posted on Instagram. Which became the most liked picture of my Instagram EVER. Why?

Books I bought there, in a huge second hand festival. It was hot. I was happy and tired. The best beer of my all life. Really!

Trees in autumn in the North of France. Le Parc des Géants.

Christmas in Lille (it’s in North of France) and its Ferris Wheel.

The snow, the mist, the weather through the window, from my bed. The lamp in the reflection says all : being quiet in a warm blanket and a book when it snows

My street in the raking light of winter.

The joy of finding a red reflection on a wall. Instagrammer’s mood : “Ohhhhh”.

My old diabeted cat Bidou in the sun on my knees in my kitchen.

Three books to explore : opera, jazz, painting. Three geniuses.

Three old pictures of my eldest girl, and the happiness. The past as a treasure, always.

Have a nice day!














Hicks lunch-mosquitoezing at work : What to do?

It’s lunch break.

You Introvert, I know you! You have your quiet spot to eat, right?…

Suddenly you hear what seems to be a one-man band screaming his joy, yelling in laughter, bringing a small group into noisy happiness. Hahaha!


  1. They are happy
  2. They are noisy
  3. They like pranks
  4. Rib-tickling funny stories they love
  5. They speak like “He said this – then I said that”, in loops
  6. They have big voices
  7. They love TV
  8. Laughing hard

You inner-facepalm while you have to eat, then you need strategies.

  1. Go out for a walk under the trees.
  2. Choose weird hours to eat in quiet.
  3. Read
  4. Mentally train yourself to close your ears
  5. Find another human-being to conversation with
  6. Earphones
  7. Acceptance Amor-Fati driven
  8. Wait for coffee breaks : they smoke (they always smoke)

You can quit, but that’s silly. Hicks are like mosquitoes. Everywhere.

Have a nice day!


Paths & Place

This is a Google Translation. Sorry.

If only you had been taught, rather, to be happy by staying still. All these stories about your own path. Find your way. Follow your path. While it could be that we are made to live on a square, or in a public garden, there without moving, to make life go, it could be that we are a crossroads, the world needs us to stay there without moving, it would be a disaster if we went, at a given moment, to follow our road, but which road? The others are roads, I am a place, I do not lead to any place, I am a place.

Alessandro Baricco