“I spy… with my little eye… an anted ant & a dotless ladybug…”

I spy…

with my little eye…


an anted ant & a dotless ladybug,

a thoughtful dragonfly,

a cannon & an adorable farmer,

and a splendid rose, who’s alone…


Ant on leg is like a part of her other – henceforth, they’re one, forever.

Ladybug is one of her kind : her dots are in her mind.

Cannon has wheels, moves, loves and will protect headscarfed lady.

Dragonfly likes the soft clouds, today – she smiles and flies to the sky!

Rose doesn’t watch the grey wall neither the death around : she is happy and all pretty.




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Beach Bitch Logorrhea


In the Tube, in Paris, a silly fool with a hat is talking aloud on the platform (about Africa, that’s all I got), then in the carriage too, wax lyrical and boring. You couldn’t escape the sound, but his lecture was incoherent… Everybody was trying to ignore him (blahh blahh blahh), and I think they succeeded pretty well.


In the train. Fast, modern, quiet. People are silent, or whispering, they read or they touch their smartphone. Four young people, three girls and a guy, in a square four-seats nearby. One of them is the Fashion-Female-Blogger Type. You KNOW that Type, right? 25, successful, brilliant, wears “these” spectacles, red lips. She talks endlessly, has a strong opinion on everything, she is very VERY happy to be herself. She talks fast, happily, smartly, loudly to the three others (her court, right?). She immensely bores 75 persons around her too. The whole car!


My family story has been a bit complicated these last years, and I hadn’t been on a beach since… 2011. But, well, I stood on a bath towel last week, for two hours. The idea was great : the sand, the waves lapping, the sun, walking in the water…

The type who appeared very near here is the Parisian sixty something. Sunglasses and a phone. She seems worried, busy, in quite a hurry (though her heavy proud arse was squashing the sand), giving instructions in the phone, telling loudly that somebody knows nothing and she has to do alllll the job and fix everybody’s incompetent mistakes. Annoying 53 persons around. For half an hour (at least : I gave up and ran away).


In a train, back home. An 35 like Italian guy is arguing the Italian way with his wife (of mother). A little bit like in a movie, with a drawling I don’t care I’m Italian I’m sleepy I need a drink tone. “Si, si…”. In the phone, through the tiny loudspeaker, I could hear her, she was SCREAMING (the furious mamma Italian way, of course). He didn’t care at all. Hung up. She recalled immediately, yelling fastly like a furia diva). Happily, he wasn’t around her : he would have felt the wind of the plates flying towards his head). Vzzz!


Sigh. What’s the point, here? Lack of empathy. That’s all. Logorrhea sounds diarrhea, and she’s a cousin, for sure… People talk crap a lot, but when I’m around, they should shut up, voilà! Or I need an island. Or my room. Or a decrapper (which basically could be a cork).

What is that paradox? People logorrhea-monolog in every ear they find, but they’re incapable of weaving a real conversation – which is something else. Oui?

I dreamed I smashed the tube black man, on the hat, poof, here’s to you. I dreamed I spit in miss – “today here’s my crap daily beauty routine” – fashion’s glasses, spflurt. I dreamed I smacked pif paf miss Beach-Bitch’s greasy nose, took her phone and her dentures and throw them into the sea in a big laugh (then I run). OK, I forgive Mario, whatever moron he is. I liked Mario. He didn’t care… and he couldn’t escape the furious voice

Hm. I have logorrhea too, as it seems…

It had to go out. I’m sorry.

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Make your “not enough” a SCFIM (a Splendid, Complex, Fast, Interesting Machinery)

Make your “not enough” a SCFIM (a Splendid, Complex, Fast, Interesting Machinery)

This tool is used when your you don’t have the means to do your mission.

  1. You can lead a military team – it’s way too small for what you’re asked for into battle.
  2. You’re given a corner in a big store – too little to reach your goals.
  3. You have to take pictures at a wedding but your big Nikon just died and you have to use a point an click shitty camera.
  4. You’re a composer but you’re locked for months with a flute and sheet paper.
  5. You feel that your destiny is to write a book but you have no ideas at all.
  6. Etc.


Lament! Rage! Despondence and frustration! You have “not enough”! You could do much better, right?

This is the path we all take. Along with all these :

  • Sarcasms
  • Trying to convince upper hierarchy that you’re spoiled
  • Watching the disaster coming
  • Run away
  • Become cold or indifferent
  • Sacrifice
  • Say “I told you so”


That’s boring. My pattern is to roll up your sleeve and build a SCFIM. Make your “not enough” a Splendid, Complex, Fast, Interesting Machinery. It’s elegant!

Smile! Amor Fati! Mute your carps into dolphins. Be fast and elegant. Invent your effectiveness. Surprise yourself. Find possibilities. Open doors. Make it mobile, splendid, clever, complex, fast, elegant, surprising, interesting!

(OK let’s call it MSCCFESIM)

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Needling each other : Chronicle 51

When synthesizers came, many musicians were amazed because “it can mimic any other instruments!”. But of course some guys began to use them for their own possibilities. Isn’t there a tool here?

When something new comes, use it as a tool to go elsewhere and explore, instead of planting it in the old soil – though it could work too, right?


Fraternity between those who don’t play the game.


Oblivion makes you disappear. Fame imprisons in a genre.


Some loss of balance can lead someone to go through their ideas.


Some police investigators are just logical and thorough. Some others have diagnostical impressionism : they have a “clinical sense” which is continuously plugged to the world and human beings…


Rain is happy to meet grass
Grass is happy to meet rain

Claude Roy


What helps us in friendship is not much the help that friends give us, but the trust we have in this help.


What is the height of distress, or hardship? To not be surprised by anything.


Maskenfreiheit, the freedom of the mask


The Five Obstructions, Lars von Trier and Jørgen Leth, 2003

In this underrated film the iconoclastic Danish director Lars von Trier challenges experimental film-maker Jørgen Leth to remake one of his earlier films, The Perfect Human, five times, each time with a different creative constraint. The first “obstruction” imposed by von Trier, for example, was that the film had to be made in Cuba, using shots of no more than 12 frames. Another was that it had to be made as a cartoon. It’s basically these two creative egos going up against each other and it gives a fascinating insight into the film-making process, what goes on in a director’s head and how you cope with stress and constraint and challenge. It’s delicious and playful and there’s never a dull moment watching these two maestros needling each other.

Who will you ask to obstruct your work? What for?

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“Consider other doors, gallivanter!” — a french toolbox repost

Sometimes you’re less interested by the works than by the theories, discussions, struggles, articles and letters by those who invented it or studied it. Imagine you’re interested in cubism, or new wave music. You can study the paintings and listen to OMD’s albums, but you could also dislike all of it, and at the same time […]

via “Consider other doors, gallivanter!” — a french toolbox

One person can’t be everything to another : Chronicle 50

This 50th Chronicle is about subjects I should write about :


Creation as association of ideas? You have two hours.


I should try an article to sort pop & rock megahits by category. The one with a riff (Satisfaction), the unexpected chorus, the hymn (Shout), the waltz (Golden Brown), the voice, the explosive gimmick, etc…


“One person can’t be everything to another”, therefore what.


There’s an article to write about Disney Smile. There’s an Urban Dictionary entry : “Disney Smile : a obviously fake and often exaggerated smile”. Since Ariel maybe, and Aladdin, they seem to become aware of this.


The Psychocriminology syndrome, the My Kid Don’t Sleep syndrome, the Present for my Retiring Dad syndrome, the I have Twins it’s a problem syndrome : every bookseller knows them. People constantly ask for these books, and you can’t have any which satisfy them. Thus, if you have zero book or seventeen books about these subjects, you will never sell a single one. You show them the books, and they grin : “Well, no”. So what? So I dun’t knuw.


“An artist has to be challenged” – OK but why and when and how? A competitor? Someone who finally tell him he’s not that good?


If I was thirty years younger I’d vlog on YouTube, asking the stars this single question :

What music do YOU listen to?

There’s a series of mix-albums called Back_to_Mine. I love this idea, which is to ask what the artist would play at home after a night out. Röyksopp came with delightful nuggets like Vangelis, Popol Vuh or This Mortal Coil. It’s like a map. If you like this artist, you are interested in knowing its foundations… Oui?


Nietzsche. Cioran. These are two names I have in mind when I think about archipelago thinking, “la pensée en archipel”. Build a list of these books.


Write this book :

How don’t you give someone you love… conversation? Where is deep intimacy, spiritual connection? The one who loves you should see you as his companion. His confident. His love.

If you never get more than a spoon of it : What kind of love is this, then? Find many positive answers.


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art 929.jpg

Edward Weston



Instant Kharma (and books)

This morning I decided to offer a dozen books to the free-books-box of the TGV train station of Lille.

With a little advance on my schedule I went into a second hand bookstore where I found in an awe a great book about one of the most interesting photographer of today : Jeff Wall.

A pearl! Thank you, my good Norwegian Angel!