A stolen picture!!

Well I was a few weeks ago in a city I had never visited before. I happily wandered alone for hours, “nose in the wind”, and I entered an concrete official building.

The sun was shining and the light was joyfully playing inside of it. Like all happy Instagram kids who discovered a spot, I unpocketed my phone off to take a couple of pictures.

But the guardian jumped off his shack and groped my shoulder like : “Mister you can’t take pictures here”. Then, sweetly solemn : “The Architect does not allow it”. He probably closed his eyes for two seconds, in sign of Respect…

Don’t take pics in museums or in concerts, that’s normal, right? But in the hall of a building… Why? A desire to control the uncontrollable? A fear of being ideas-stolen? Pure meanness? Shame?

If you obey all the rules you miss all the fun, says K. Hepburn, who is here a little red devil in my head. But in the same way my little white angel on the other side of my head provides me a teaching like “Maturity is to do things even if your parents told you to do it”. Errr… That’s a dance! Go tango, white and red!

Between this and that in a choice, I choose both, most of the time. Obedience is OK under your country’s Laws, but for the rest… Damn rules! When you feel like they are a moronic way to invent problems, you ask yourself :

“What if I kill the rule, now, in this second? What will happen REALLY?”.

Mmhh. Maybe something I ignore.

OK, here’s the picture. Red guy won. Argh.


Thanks for reading!