“I spy… with my little eye… an anted ant & a dotless ladybug…”

I spy…

with my little eye…


an anted ant & a dotless ladybug,

a thoughtful dragonfly,

a cannon & an adorable farmer,

and a splendid rose, who’s alone…


Ant on leg is like a part of her other – henceforth, they’re one, forever.

Ladybug is one of her kind : her dots are in her mind.

Cannon has wheels, moves, loves and will protect headscarfed lady.

Dragonfly likes the soft clouds, today – she smiles and flies to the sky!

Rose doesn’t watch the grey wall neither the death around : she is happy and all pretty.




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#Insects are like little guys in #Macrophotography, Part 2

Hi everyone. Here are 12 guys I photographed in 2006 in the north of France, with my old SX10 Canon. No retouch at all, but reframing. I’m an amateur!

Insects photography has always been a pleasure for me. It’s really like staying a child. It’s a “Oh, look!” non-professional state of mind I really like to live. It’s like sparkling jungle life in a modest little nature (no danger, no tropical proliferation here) near the sea. Gardens. Woods. These little persons are living their life…

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