Photography : Nobody/Somebody in a place?

Unless you take portraits, or fashion, or any photos where you want to show somebody (or some body), one can ask and wonder :

If you want to take a picture of a PLACE, you have to make your many usual choices, composition and all, but there’s a question, always :


Here are a few pictures to play with.

Alex Webb often saturates his pictures with life. You feel like you’re in a middle of people’s energy.


Gruyaert often dances between : a place and one or a few persons.


Paul Graham inverts this balance here : you see people in the restaurant, but the picture is almost empty.


Stephen Shore sometimes takes pictures without people.


This, you see me coming, leads to a set of questions.

What’s your choice, as a photographer? Do you need someone on the picture so “show” a place? Are the humanist in you in need of this “portrait in a place” thing? What happens in the audience’s eye when you have nobody to look at? What does it bring? A freedom? Time? A deeper plunge? Is there a balance to find? Don’t you think it’s easier to “imagine yourself” into the picture, when it’s empty? What do you like, and what would YOU do?

Eggleston :


René Burri, Swiss Photographer, Part 1 : Color

René Burri (1933-2014) was a Swiss photographer. He worked for Magnum Photos, therefore you’ll find plenty of pictures on the web and on Magnum’s page.

Each picture makes your brain move, in many ways : an enigma, a surprise, a mood, a light. Find his books, it’s… something.

Here are ten color photographies. I’ll show you the other side of Burri another day…

Have a nice day!


LEBANON. Beirut. 1991. View from the Azarieh building.



FRANCE. Ile-de-France. La Defense business center in suburbs of Paris


BUR1997022 K006





How to deal with the Sharing Boiling Syndrome & let go, silly…

Sharing Boiling Syndrome. This is a feeling I know pretty well. What about you?

If you discover something great AND everybody’s on it, you’re cool. You talk about the “last thing”, a good movie, some music, a best seller, with everybody. Great!

But if you discover something incredibly interesting but it comes “out” of the thin surface of the “news”, you have it :

The Sharing Boiling Syndrome – let’s call it the SBS.

I have to say that this year is great for me. I’m definitely in love with a great person, I discovered (and am exploring the works of) a writer (Paul Valéry) and a painter (Edouard Manet) and a photography agency (Magnum Photos).

For me it’s like a Triple-Kingdom, a splendid source of pleasures, ideas and discoveries.

Well, if you follow my blog you already know this : I share plenty of my little seeds with you. I explain the little tools they are. And I like it!

This afternoon, I watched my cat Bidou (who has diabetes and has stopped eating, which worries me a lot) and I read a fantastic book about Manet in the sun of my kitchen. March seems to say : “The sun is not dead, it’s here and it’s warm”. Yeepee!

  1. I’m boiling with pleasure (intelligence is terribly sexy).
  2. I’m boiling with a powerful need to share.


Therefore I began a blog post about Le Déjeuner sur l’Herbe, but I realized I will let go. Maybe.

My lover and my friends know I’m a bit of a lecturer. I share with passion for 5 minutes, then I’m sorry because I’m not sure it’s interesting for the other person.

Bah, it’s the way I am, right?


I was like, in the sun : “Let go. Have fun alone. You don’t HAVE to share.”



But thus I wrote this article to tell about the rush! I found a way for the energy…


Thanks for reading!


Manet by Nadar, 1874

Jonas Bendiksen, Norwegian Photographer

“Photojournalist”, as they say, Jonas Bendiksen is born in 1977 and is a member of Magnum Photos. No war zone here…

He’s different. I can’t really tell why I love his work so much. I know this for Jeff Wall or Stephen Shore, but not Bendiksen!

Just plunge :





Russian Summer


MOLDOVA. Transdniester. 2004. Streetscene along the main boulevard.


Russian Summer


Iceland's Power Struggles
















Harry #Gruyaert, photographer

Harry_Gruyaert is a Belgian photographer, member of Magnum Photos. He’s well known for his work with color (in a way I love : cf Saul Leiter, William Eggleston, Stephen Shore). Let’s say… he pushes some levers. He has this capacity to stop you from seeing so many images. Like : “Hey, wait a minute….”.

I’m deeply in love with his work.

Thanks for reading! Have a nice day!