Revealing Idiots

Idiots are Types in movies or literature – I’m not talking about “funny idiots movies” like Dumb & Dumber, it’s more like the village idiot, who is… there, accepted, like a necessary part of all communities.

This guy is interesting because he is an innocent, ignoring the complex rules of society : therefore he often says the truth at the most unexpected time, revealing or unblocking things…

There’s a category about village idiots in movies at IMDB :

Clothes & Idiocy : Undering yourself to watch around

Of course, there are other idiots, more like “people acting stupidly” to make the movie move forward, or to innocently denounce a situation or a society peculiarity.

A little like in this article I wrote a few weeks ago : The Persian Letters Tool

What are the assets and features of the village idiot?

  • He doesn’t understand.
  • He doesn’t believe.
  • He doesn’t know.
  • He doesn’t obey, or randomly.
  • He is inside but outside, he is not really playing the game.
  • He says his truth, he’s a revealer.
  • He’s funny.
  • He can also be a scapegoat.
  • He watches, he lurks.
  • He’s more free.


So… of course you see me coming…

There can be an advantage when you enter a group to appear as an idiot – of course you have the whole game of shades, from the slightly different/weird.unadapted guy to the complete idiot. Idiocy as a mask.

You can also borrow temporarily one of these assets :

  • Make a stupid move (which is a smart move). Idiocy as a manipulation tool.
  • Don’t understand something… on purpose (to follow your own idea?).
  • Don’t know (to be lazy?)


Bahhhh, etc. I should dig more, but I’m an idiot, today.

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Clothes & Idiocy : Undering yourself to watch around

“Undering yourself to watch around” – Yep, clearly that’s not English. Sorry.

The whole society play makes us wear masks. This theater needs us to “operate” fluidly, so we hide our mess, our worries, our anger and the rest.

We all have many masks in our basket, and we often need several at the same time. Use “Competent”, “Quiet” and “Focused” (when we have no idea what’s going on, boiling inside in front of so much stupidity).

Some days, we need to be an idiot.

It’s very hard when you’re young, because young people are terrified to be judged and to “look ridiculous”. But well, you know, at one moment you really don’t care, because you know what you’re worth (is this even English?), where you’re good or not, and you just do your thing.

Therefore : in some circumstances, I wear quirky clothes. No, not quirky, but something a little ugly, or unfitting, or colors who shouldn’t be together. I want the other ones to judge me as an innocent moron. They smile inside. That’s good : exactly what I need!

In a way, it’s not “dress to impress”, but “dress to unimpress”.

Then you mix it with the way you talk. Chose your weapon : lose confidence, hide expertise, bury volubility, etc. It’s like a Sun Tzu strategy : let the enemy deploy its talent. They are so proud to be above, oui?

Of course, you have to waltz this your way.

  • You can absolutely transform yourself into what you can (cursor down anything you are, including beauty) in a few seconds (when you enter a room, for example).
  • You also can appear as an averagetard but sparkle some smart unforseen sentences, if you are fast (I’m not) : it’ll unsettle who needs to be.
  • Slide & don’t bear down.


Voilà. I would like to add this :

You of course bien sûr have to do this rarely, only in front of dumb tyrants, dangerous idiots and proud braggarts. You’ll unbrag them one day or another, or not – who cares?

There’s a lukewarm version of this tool. Just being grey, a mouse, a watching silent brain.

Paradise is when someone gets you “as you are”. It becomes fast and easy to work and function with this person. Little by little, you don’t need masks anymore. Fluent relationships (in life, work, anywhere) are blissful bliss.



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Who’s lured & misled, here?

Il n’existe pas un esprit qui soit d’accord avec soi-même. Ce ne serait plus un esprit.
There is no one spirit who agrees with itself. It wouldn’t be a spirit any more.
Paul Valéry



“Qui trompe-t-on, ici ?” – Who’s misled, here?

A theatre professional (an actor, a director) knows he “has to create an illusion”. Therefore each time he goes to watch a play, a movie, or reads a book, he sees the illusion… but he may feel pleasure too. He is just not completely taken in…

We all have that skill, more or less : it depends. It happens when you’re in your domain, like the actress watching a movie. But for other people it happens all the time.

Who’s lured & misled, here?

It’s a state of mind. A quick capacity of “Inside Sidestepping”. You’re never completely taken in, you always see when you’re manipulated :

  1. It happens when you’re a pro and you know all the tricks.
  2. It happens when you’re in a situation where you’re forced to think different (illness or anything that modifies your mood).
  3. It happens when you have it, this ability to detect the use of illusion (or bullshit, if you prefer).


The problem is : you have to live, though. You see the masks, and you see that others don’t see the masks, and that’s all. It’s like you have to work on it, on shutting up the desire to warn others. Then you can have fun…

The world of men can become a subject of curiosity.

Most of the time, you don’t participate. 

Haha : Hunting Parrots, you can do. Very fun.


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“I’ve never said that!”

There are dozens of articles about manipulators, but I loved this one :

The author lists 4 signs, which are :

  1. Twist what you’ve said in their favor
  2. “I never said that!”
  3. Play the victim
  4. Belittle all of your problems

It’s a great article, and today I focus on 2.

“I’ve never said that!”

When you hear it from a person you love, you immediately fall from horse. Then you wonder what’s happening…

  • Why so much bad faith?
  • Are you victim of hallucinations?
  • Why does he/she lie?
  • Maybe he/she really forgot?
  • You’re emotionally manipulated then : what for?
  • To get something?

Then you hear :

  • “You got me wrong”
  • “You’re too serious”
  • “You invent stories”
  • “You try to manipulate me”
  • “I was joking”
  • “You expect too much”
  • “You’re always complaining”


Well, etc. You are a prey, that’s it. You’re confused, and that’s the purpose of it…

“They will convince you you are just inventing problems. That you are seeking to find them.That you are ungrateful. You are weak. You are stressing them out. You are just not good with finding solutions. You focus so much on the bad. You exaggerate. And so on.”


The manipulator will always accuse you of what he/she’s doing. You’re dramatic. You use him/her to entertain. They have “trust issues” exactly when you shouldn’t trust them. Etc.


As you’re intelligent, you notice all this, your “knowledge of the other” is growing and you begin to pack your ideas in your mind to stay safe. But then, of course, the manipulator changes his/her face. Becomes a treasure again (although never sorry for what happened). You melt. You’re done.

If you’re married there is no solution. Find your own way to escape (hunting, biking, muscling, whatever) and try to explode in rage the less you can. Murdering your demon not good. Jail not good. Breathe.


Oh, to finish this. There’s only one thing to understand if you don’t already know it : they will NEVER accept they’re like that. It’s maybe the dark core of all manipulators – there is no cure, ever.


You can also read : Signs of Bad Signs : our shades of narcissism and Narration of cold sadism as low form of gaiety : a narcissistic tropism

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On what foot will you dance? What if in a situation you don’t feel what you’re supposed to feel?

Being neutral, or hilarious, at a funeral. Feeling nothing after being fired. Laughing when you read a drama book. Crying in front of a comedy.

What if in a situation you don’t feel what you’re supposed to feel?

  • It’s surprising for people around you, which means there’s a social pressure, right? You are “supposed to”.
  • It’s surprising for you.
  • Or maybe you exactly know why you react “out of the frame” – but it’s a secret.


In “A Streetcar Named Desire”, a woman visits her sister in New Orleans, who lives with a violent man (Marlon Brando). You’re “supposed to” dislike a man who beats a pregnant woman, right? But Brando is so good (and he’s a movie character) that you begin to love him, then you hate him, then you admire his work as an actor, then… Vous ne savez plus sur quel pied danser : “don’t know what foot to dance on” – You don’t know where to stand.

And this is made on purpose.


What are situations when you don’t know what to feel, where to stand? Manipulation? Sudden truths? Out of focus? What triggers feelings-confusion? Are you tired? What is this gap, between what you feel and what you’re supposed to feel? What if it was wrong? What if your radar needed to be fixed… or other people’s radars??


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