Introverts Network in Terrible Meetings

The INTM (Introverts Network in Terrible Meetings) is well known by introverts, INTJs and other 5s (Observers in MBTI).

What is it?

There’s a meeting, and the common bad idea of making it “funny”. It becomes a mess made of (poor) jokes, (cheap) company puns, “teams” and games.

The crowd reaction is mainstreamly watchable : people have fun! Yeyyy!

They want to win the “challenge”, they laugh, they rush headlong, happily.

But you’ll always find a few bad elements : the introverts, the sensitive persons who hate noises, jokes and games. They want to be alone and think, they want to work in small quiet teams. They watch the luring “game”, don’t believe in anything of it, they don’t have fun AT ALL.

Pretty quickly, they notice each other, they watch each other, internally rolling eyes, internally facepalming. It’s a network, an invisible one.

For whom these meetings are a pain in the… brain…

Have you been there? Oohhhh yes!

So what?

  1. If you’re just a pawn in the machine, just shup your fuckup and wait. The end is coming. You can watch around and have “your” fun by sorting types of humans and telepathying with others. Or inner retreat like a spider in her hole, linked to reality by a thin tenuous yarn.
  2. If you’re from the other side : please invent less vulgar & cleverer ways to inform people – we see and we know what you’re doing you know?).


Thanks for reading!


A Bomb in a Drawer

I have a little story for you.

Today, in a big company, ten minutes before an important meeting, someone enters a room and tells Miss Rhino that Mister Giraffe will probably “tell something” in this meeting. Tell something wrong. Or dangerous. Or inappropriate.

Is Miss Rhino terrified by this threatening information ? Nope.

She opens a drawer, takes a folder, picks a paper sheet. Then she goes in Mister Giraffe’s office, and silently shows him the paper sheet. When she’s sure he did read the paper, she goes back to her place. Done. Meeting time now !

Intimidation, deterrence, dissuasion, I don’t know how you say that in english. I prefer call it “a bomb in a drawer”. Une bombe dans un tiroir.

Miss Rhino has probably a bomb for every dangerous colleague in the company. But she never uses them. Her enemies should sometimes know that she COULD.

Tool : Do you need a bomb for some people ? When should you show it ? Much before danger (no), or just in case, seconds before assault ? And what if you must use one for real, one day ? To warn others ? OK, let’s call this “Instant Dissuasion”.