Instagram Boredoming #Minimalism Variations

Yeyyy you know that mottoto, “find beauty in the little things”, etc. It’s like… too easy and you wanna fight it, but you have to agree it’s a wisdom. Let’s say a lazy wisdom.

As a photographer, you can perfectly be a pro in Afghanistan’s moutains or a specialist of Amazonian’s spiders, or you can have a more normal job but post two pictures a week on Instagram taken in your kitchen, voilà.

You can read this article about The Yoknapatawpha Rule – which says that it is possible to use Faulkner’s revelation : talk about what around you, silly!

I realized a few months ago that people really like minimalism in photography. I’m sure that it’s a whole harp, from cleaned up esthetics concerns to Nordic sight-effectiveness, by way of Zen needs or just the pleasure of eyes.

So I began to post – maybe once a month – pictures about this ugly place in a landing office. Fake plants, worn out floor, lazy chosen furnitures…

I tried to keep it simple, but interesting : a sun light reflection, a blurry mood, a sharpangle view, etc…

For me it’s a way to keep focused (“What is there?”). Maybe. Or, Okey, to find beauty where there’s little.

Have a great day!


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“How did you dare?!” – Small Talks & Smaller Talks at work

Small talks at work, we all do that. At least we try : mini-gossips, weather complains, anecdotes, little booboos and week-end failures, right? It’s friendly!

But are you lucky enough to know a colleague who could do “smaller talks”, which are like wordwinks? I do. And that’s delightful.

She passes by and says to me very seriously, without any sight of slowing down :

“Certainly not!”

Then she’s gone.

Yeahhhh. You’ve been there, I hope! I often open my mouth, as expected, like very scandalized. That’s all. That’s enough.

One pleasure is to notice the slight wtf-embarrassment of other people.

And one another is to prepare a strict, mean revenge, for her appreciation. I could go beside her one hour later, and say with a strong belief :

“How did you dare??”

So there. Bim.

She’d frown and answer : “Because!”, then will push the cork : “HA!”. That’s all. After lunch, in the stairs, she’d add : “You had it coming!”. Ohhhh!

Well, you sometimes have to find your mate!

Thanks for reading! Bonne journée!

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