“I wanna say come on let’s go just when I oughta say nix” – Oklahoma (the movie)

If I take a map of the United States of America, the heart of the country if obviously Kansas.


Oklahoma is under Kansas, this state with a stick on the upper left. It exists since… 1907. The name comes from the Indians.

Foot! Tonight I watched the musical film Oklahoma, 1955, adapted from a 1943 stage musical. The music comes from Richard Rodgers and the lyrics from Oscar Hammerstein (yeah, the guys who made The Sound of Music).

You have to accept it’s a musical, an innocent story (“In Oklahoma, several farmers, cowboys and a traveling salesman compete for the romantic favors of various local ladies”, says IMDB), with good songs, gorgeous skies and great “stylized western dancing”. So, in a way, it’s seems clean, light hearted and conservative. And you really don’t care that much about the characters, from transparent semi-idiots “pretty” girls to really dumb cow-boys.

In fact, the treasure of the film is Ado Annie, played by Gloria Grahame, who is a funny featherbrain who likes to kiss everyone who passes by. There are so many details along the movie that you quickly realize the movie is all about sex. There are songs (like this “I cain’t say no”) in which she “has the sex coming out of her eyes, right along with the innocence”. Many times during the movie I was like “How did they dare that in a family movie??”. And it’s constant.

The film happens when the state of Oklahoma is not in the union already. There are fights, but not with immigrants : between farmers with “their fences”, and cow-boys…

Today I watched it with plenty of fun. Sex lovers in Oklahoma : Yeepeeee!

And this music is taking modulation bends that I love!



It ain’t so much a question of not knowin’ what to do
I knowed what’s right an’ wrong since I been ten.
I heared a lot of stories an’ I reckon they are true
About how girls are put upon by men.
I know I mustn’t fall into the pit
But when I’m with a feller, I fergit!

I’m just a girl who cain’t say ‘No’
I’m in a terrible fix!
I always say ‘Come on, let’s go’
just when I oughta say ‘Nix.’
When a person tries to kiss a girl
I know she oughta give his face a smack!
But as soon as someone kisses me
I somehow sorta wanna kiss him back!
I’m just a fool when lights are low
I cain’t be prissy an’ quaint
I ain’t the type that can faint
How can I be what I ain’t?
I cain’t say ‘No!’

Whatcha gonna do when a feller gets flirty
An’ starts to talk purty
Whatcha gonna do?
Sposin’ that he says
That your lips are like cherries,
Or roses, or berries?
Whatcha gonna do?
Sposin’ that he says
That yer sweeter ‘n cream
and he’s gotta have cream or die?
Whatcha gonna do when he talks that way?
Spit in his eye?

I’m jist a girl who cain’t say ‘No’,
Cain’t seem to say it at all
I hate to disserpoint a beau
When he is payin’ a call!
Fer a while I ack refined and cool,
A settin on the velveteen setee
Nen I think of thet ol’ Golden Rule,
And do fer him what he would do fer me!
I cain’t resist a Romeo
In a sombrero and chaps
Soon as I sit on their laps
Somethin’ inside of me snaps
I cain’t say ‘No’!

[Additional Verse]
I’m jist a girl who cain’t say ‘No’
Kissin’s my favorite food!
With or without the mistletoe
I’m in a holiday mood!
Other girls are coy an’ hard to catch
But other girls ain’t havin’ any fun!
Ev’ry time I lose a wrastlin’ match
I have a funny feelin’ that I won!
Though I can feel the undertoe
I never make a complaint
Till it’s too late for restraint
Then when I want to, I cain’t
I cain’t say ‘No!’



Ode to Annie Clark

For a few years I add a bad habit.

I used to download torrents of music archives like “100 Best Indie tracks – May 2012”. Then June. Etc.

Then, well, I filled up my iPod with these, exploring thousands of random song VERY casually. I used to trash 95% of all of them, commonly rolling eyes.

My main criteria in music is : “What’s new here?”. And well, nothing’s new, almost all the time. It’s always the same tricks : Pixies like, Nirvana like, Neo New Wave, Decadent Disco, Boring Indie Folk, etc.

So I used to empty my iPod quickly. A real leak. One star (means : trash it).

But really, on 100 tracks, 2 or 3 were really great enough to make me search for albums, buy records. Sometimes it’s a disappointment (I found 3 good songs by Katy Melua – The Flood is great – but not much more), sometimes I’m intoxicated for months (The Bird and the Bee), or just charmed by a song (Make this Go On Forever, by Snow Patrol), or I dance like a fool with stupid gorgeous Trance (Astrix : Poison).

If you want to find me own musicmess, I’m here : https://www.youtube.com/user/jrobocat

One day : St Vincent. I had to stop walking.

“Paris is Burning”. Everything was a surprise to my ears. The horns, the voice, the percs, the drive, the samples chords, harmonies, the permanent changes (including a “sudden waltz”), like a quiet fucking mess of too many ideas for each square meter. Then waltzing toxic casual daring ending let me in an awe in a corner (I remember it was next to a church).

Yes, a little like Kate Bush with King Crimson and David Bowie. Whatever : invent your own links!

Her deep, organized, casual, driven quirkiness is my cup of tea. Make it a bucket, OK?

Then : Her interviews are GREAT. Her Hepburnic smile is awfully cute. Her music stayed complex (too much at times, for me). I would pray to make her enthrust and leave her work in Brian Eno‘s hand (after all she worked with David Byrne, right?). And this class…


Thanks for reading!