Photography : Nobody/Somebody in a place?

Unless you take portraits, or fashion, or any photos where you want to show somebody (or some body), one can ask and wonder :

If you want to take a picture of a PLACE, you have to make your many usual choices, composition and all, but there’s a question, always :


Here are a few pictures to play with.

Alex Webb often saturates his pictures with life. You feel like you’re in a middle of people’s energy.


Gruyaert often dances between : a place and one or a few persons.


Paul Graham inverts this balance here : you see people in the restaurant, but the picture is almost empty.


Stephen Shore sometimes takes pictures without people.


This, you see me coming, leads to a set of questions.

What’s your choice, as a photographer? Do you need someone on the picture so “show” a place? Are the humanist in you in need of this “portrait in a place” thing? What happens in the audience’s eye when you have nobody to look at? What does it bring? A freedom? Time? A deeper plunge? Is there a balance to find? Don’t you think it’s easier to “imagine yourself” into the picture, when it’s empty? What do you like, and what would YOU do?

Eggleston :


The Misanthrope’s Priggish Typologies

[ Mode misanthrope ON ]

You shouldn’t call people “idiots”, but maybe say, more politely, that they “have an idiotic behavior”. OK.

In this blog I try to talk about how to deal with this “complicated thing” with intelligence, elegance and subtlety. Yeah, right…

…knowing it’s a little snobbish : one theory of the world of humans is that everybody makes stupid things all the time and that only some smart-arses think they are not part of the herd of idiots.

Feeling “we’re the resistance” in a mainstream idiotic civilization is priggish.

Out of the usual and clever ways of being zen, “watching calmly the chaos”, inner retreat and making little glimmers in the night, there are other stages reached because you can’t stand it anymore and you call the whole bunch of idiots : idiots. So there!

How to deal with these? Because you’re not allowed to punch people in the nose nor to spit in their eye, right?… You can (after facepalm and take a deep breath) :

  1. Become sarcastic (loud or inner)
  2. Burst into laughter (hysterically, if you need)
  3. Enter fury (inner is better, or else it’s “gimme the rifle”)
  4. Truss up your rage and make a typology of idiots
  5. Drink.
  6. Go away where you’re alone.


I love that because I just learned the world “truss” (ligoter, on dit en français), but is it truss or “truss up”?

A typology of idiots is absolutely vain – because you can’t fix stupid – but it’s funny and it keeps your furious energy busy and it could be useful to know your enemy better (if you agree that idiots are or can become enemies) – knowing that the best defense here is to run away.

Typology is a way to tame your emotions with reason. It’s a fight!

Unfocused, slow or boring persons, bad choosers or “I’m special”s, wrong understanders, “know it all”s and inconsistent brains – sorry for my grammar, I don’t have much time for these (though I could write a bit about this case : “I’m very special” – “No you’re not” would be my answer).

[ Mode misanthrope OFF ]



Alone with a book. Relief. Little wine maybe?

Have a nice day!


The Happy Lonely Christmas Liars

“Tonight then, I Christmas eve dinner alone and I know you will believe me if I say you that this “freedom” brings me a pretty much voluptuous feeling. Music reading silence peace.”

This phrase can makes us think about the state of life where you need it – and need to write about it.

It’s maybe next to another state (when you have a family, you mostly want to be with them, right? Oh but maybe you are… and wish for quiet instead). It can be after it. Before it. Because of remoteness (your lover lives in another part of the planet). Well : circumstances

But also : a real love for this state. “Music reading silence peace” lovers, call them introverts or quiet people, those who like silence and know that their own head is good company. Some days, you love or you need to be apart, apart from the people & parties.

Sipping moods in summer nights, the “outside the party” Type…

This friend also wrote me this :

“Yesterday evening I was invited to dinner with X and a few of her friends. It’s been like a trial :

  • Why do you always wear black
  • Why don’t you talk much
  • Why don’t you go out
  • Why a quiet face and nervous hands
  • I know well that you are like this
  • I know well that you are like that
  • You are one of those women who this
  • You are one of of those women who that”


Horror, she wrote.


Have a nice day!


Instagram : _bodylanguage_

John Giannatos, Greek Street Photographer #streetphotography

I follow more than 2400 persons on Instagram – I love this tool. This is Earth, humanity! For only a few ladies & guys, I activated the “tell me when she/he publishes” option. John Giannatos is one of them.

No genius here. He is just GOOD. He’s a street photographer. And you can see kindness, empathy, a sense of the things which make a good photography : light, moment, frame. He loves people, that’s obvious. John Giannatos. I don’t know him. You’ll find it, right?

Bravo, and thank you, stranger.


Thanks for reading!


Bicycle Renting & Wheels Encounters

Yesterday I learned a new English word : “rad”. I’m trying to place it somewhere, but it’s hard. What (or who is) “rad”, these days?

Lille is a city in the North of France. We have a bicycle renting package here, and you find stations with a few dozens bikes a little everywhere in the city. You just pay a few Euros a year and you can pick up a bike whenever you want. They called it “V’Lille”, how smart.

You just have to push a card on a screen, type a 4 digits code. Then you choose your machine, you ride it, you bring up the right pedal and you go girl!

Each time I just need a few rolls to “analyse” my new encounter. Because each bike has its own personality, right?

  • Some are just noisy, they squeak and they grate. Faster you go, faster it squeaks. Skouic skouic -> skouicskouicskouicskouic.
  • Some are jammed on one brake, so you have to pedal harder. That’s life, boy! Pedal. Exercise is good for health. Pff pff pff (it’s your breath).
  • Some are just broken. Or the chain is out of it. You put it back and pick another one. The tacit code is to reverse the seat and put it to the downest (yess I know it’s not English but you got me).
  • Some bikes are just slightly twisted. The wheel and the handlebars are not in the same direction. Just a little, but it’s enough to bike weirdodidily. Your brain is like “more focused”. Your eyes are wide opened mangalike because… just because.
  • Sometimes the seat is just wrongly tilted. Towards the head and you’re afraid to fall on the bar, ouchy (ayeu). Towards the tail and you look like a pedalling tortoise under caffeine.

Isn’t this a good metaphor for people? You meet someone (at work, for example) and you immediatly begin to listen to their words, the way they talk, the way they move or look around. Dials everywhere in your head. And then, you have to adapt. Some persons are slow, slightly twisted, broken, etc… We just have to deal with this.

Sometimes, though, you find a good bike. Yeyyyy! A rad one! You would like to add a little sign on them. Biking, then, c’est délicieux, vraiment délightful. You don’t wanna give it back! Evidently; ’cause a good bike is hard to find. I’d go anywhere with this one. Can I keep it, mister mayor?


#vlille #bicycles