Winter in Picardie, Part 2



Winter in Picardie, Part 1

Winter in Picardie. No filter here. My old Canon SX10. Soil and plant life are sleeping. And it’s cold… just over ice.


Tamas Dezso, Photographer

I just bought his book, Notes for an Epilogue. I read it’s about two things vanishing in Romania : Communism and traditions.

It’s expensive, but it’s marvelous. He has everything I love : work on moods, colors, structures, lines…

I found 9 photos for you. Look at this! What do you think?

Notes for an Epilogetamas_dezso_notes-for-an-epilogue_015tamas-dezno-romania-09_udk7rytamas_dezso_notes-for-an-epilogue_014tamas_dezso_notes-for-an-epilogue_012tamas_dezso_notes-for-an-epilogue_010tamas_dezso_notes-for-an-epilogue_004c4bea9f6-e498-11e4-9039-00144feab7de648cb107-e935-437c-81cb-79c8d6cf679c

My Gurushots Tips, Part 2

As I climbed (I would like to invent the preterit Clumb : To climb, clumb, clomb – oui?) to the “Champion” level (where I’m stuck), here are new elements, mostly built from mistakes, attempts and ignorance, for Gurushots.

Part 1 : My Gurushots Tips

  1. The free Fill / Swap / Key is added once 2/4/6 challenges you took part in have ended. So sometimes you don’t get anything. That’s annoying, then you realize you can “fix” that by intercalating neglected challenges, then you realize you don’t care : you have to find/take good pictures, that’s all!
  2. Whatever you do (I mean : you push your picture with fills or not), you’ll get rewards. Thus : don’t push a picture for some other reason than “it’s a good one”.
  3. So don’t focus only on rewarding challenges.
  4. You’ll always get bored by this : the pictures you think are great are unsuccessful. Why are they? Because you’re wrong, or because it doesn’t please the dumb voters? Hmmm????
  5. Try to participate to all challenges : it gets you rewards, AND it forces you to think, to be creative.
  6. Invent your own fun, like make a picture which complies with two challenges at a time (for example : “Lady in Red”, and “Outdoor Portrait”).
  7. Fills and Votes are a mess to understand. Piling Fills on a picture is useless, but one per day seems good. Think : what time is it?
  8. A few votes (like 5-10) will help your picture to get better ranks, maybe like a fills. This is a secret.
  9. Thus, vote, vote, and vote (though it’s sometimes totally boring to list many bad tasted photos in a row). You’ll vote more when pleasing elements are on screen (depends on your sex, mainly).
  10. The “near the end” of a challenge gets everybody electric. It’s crowded and fast. It’s a good moment to fill, to vote, and to swap : the results are bigger and fast.
  11. If you feel you have many good pictures on one precise “4 pics challenge”, prepare much more, like 10 photos. Post 4, then wait a day to find which one is the most successful, then Boost it. Swap the 3 others. Get prepared to swap again, and maybe again near the end.
  12. Never forget you compete with two powerful crowds : 1/ Better photographs 2/ Terrible photographs who pay for tools to climb ranks.


Have fun!


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