To the sea 2/2… (Cabourg Normandy France)



Takuma Nakahira & Daidō Moriyama and other Provoke Japanese Photographers


Provoke, it was a magazine in Japan, with a subtitle : Provocative Materials for Thought

I already talked about Moriyama. I add Nakahira today. And some others : I don’t tell you which one took which picture, OK?

There are other guys in this “style”, I’ll dig it later.

What do I find here? Disturbing and a bit too much black and white photography, right? But… there’s always a “but”.

A little tender core hidden somewhere? “Gorgeous Dark”?

I have to say I LOVE this extreme inner fight between harshdark and gorgeous light. Like showing the struggle in the picture…


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Daido Moriyama_cover






Moriyama, Yeste, “Nah won’t go”s & Ironing in Swedish 19th Century

Slim Aarons, American Photographer (attractive people and pools)

“A former Army photographer, Slim discovered a personal antidote to the devastation of WWII in the picturesque lives of the upper classes. For nearly fifty years, he traveled the world recording the glamourous lives of high society and European aristocrats. Through it all, he lived by a simple mantra :

Concentrate on photographing attractive people doing attractive things in attractive places.

I’m pretty sure he was sincere. I can’t find irony in his work…

But… plenty of water passed under bridges, right? Today the toomuchness of all this sparkles and hurts our eyes a bit. Maybe. Maybe it’s because I’m French too? I can’t forget The Swimmer, this strange movie…

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…oh and yes I’d like to offer a drink to one of those tennis players…

Frank Horvat, French Photographer

“photography is the art of not pushing the button”

Frank Horvat (1928) is well known for fashion photography, but he did many other things…

Here are 12 pictures. You’ll find plenty on Pinterest! (mine is )


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