Birdy Animal, another quickquirk poem

I saw an animal in my house…

I think it’s a bird

It has two wings you can see

Above its head

It can fly for sure

Proof is : it was on the floor

And suddenly on my bed

This bird has a long tail

A feather it is

The wings work with an engine

I can hear the engine in the bird

On the bed in front of me

Purr… purr…


“La bise”, another quickquirk poem

This continuous icy quiet wind

Who enterslips in your neck

Encolding your deepest bones

We call it “La Bise”

She makes the sun stands wrongly like a nothing

A dewarmed light a cold useless bulb

The sky is blue but the snow can not melt on the bench

I took this pic of proud snowballs

Then went back home walking and grinning

Behind tall windows

On the bed

In the sun magically warmed back

For a happy dreamy nappy-nap

There, I heared a silver laugh


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from Instagram:

Ruling it out – a quickquirk poem

We learn “the other” like a foreign language

Like we learn how to read

In case of passion the travel is long

The stages quirky, out of the ordinary, et insolite

The length of time function of the curiosity


Musicians do their sound

Whatever the instrument :

This sound is in their head


Should you be happy of what you predicted?


No suffering in any relationship

What do you reproach suffering for

Ruling it out –

– Que reprochez-vous à la souffrance pour rêver de l’exclure ?


Our prison is an illusion

Walls are there, but they don’t close

We can peel our nose and eye off the wall

And walk along along along

It is only a labyrinth


Like we learn how to read, comme on apprend à lire

– Shh shh tout va bien se passer



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The loss of the suffering

teens fall they are often sick they are lobsters

soft inside


climb hierarchy

until the spot you’re useless


sometimes one misses the wind

walk under the rain

fingers touching


the dirty smell of betrayal



when they say “stop thinking” they say “you bore us”

shut up is a should


missing :

to grow under gratifying watch


we all bloggers always say the same story



the music you used to listen to with your father



someone who will always reassure you about how much you mean

dream dream


of an human relation which spares and can do without the suffering


Instagram : steph_wi


to talk to preserve oneself from danger

to stay quiet to preserve oneself from danger

who’s right both are

one seeing word as a happy messenger

one paralyzed speechless on a piece of ice on a sea

if one talks it could cause suffering

maybe not

one agrees to be prisoner of the temptation of silence

one goes back in water and swims and stays silent

both knows

nothing can be saved by words

words are

morbid insects or

repairing faeries


The 2 Products of a Blogger (and other artisans)

Hey, craftsperson! Hi!

You blog, right? (or you take pictures, you paint, you write poems, you invent things or concepts). Here’s a little patterntool from Paul Valéry for your pleasure :

  1. Your article (and your past ones) can be considered as a state, a work which can be taken over, modified.
  2. The product is your article, it stays, it’s independent : it makes sense for readers.
  3. But the work of modeling, building and rebuilding has its own value.
  4. The work you had to do reacted in you, changed you, and in a way invented another product, which is a more skillful and clever you.
  5. You learn from what you write.
  6. Feedback feeds the magician.
  7. Your article is never really finished. You could make it better all the time, couldn’t you?
  8. It could teach you something more, after all…
  9. In a way, you learned so much working on it, that you could erase it completely and do it again. Better.
  10. A craftsperson will be satisfied with his/her product when he/she learned enough from it.


Thanks for reading!



I’m much more interested in the work than in the product of the work

P. Valéry




One-Lined Ideas for Writers, Part II

The suites of transformations you need to express things, respecting the conditions your have to respect.

You write, you read what you just wrote, in a loop. A closed balanced between you and you. A pleasure can resonate.

Pull weapons out of other people’s work – to use you own resources.

Find the person you write for – even if this person does not really exist. Golem it.

Use what is made for use. Find a drawer : open it. Break what is fragile. Push what tilts.

Try what has never be done, but appears as possible.

Your work can always been gone back over. This is your job. Find your “until”.

Try a thousand ways to write an idea until you meet a favorable words figure.

Find a force. Find where to use it. Apply a force.

At one moment you are attracted by what is needed, by what goes forward to the goal.

You dream to write, you desire to write, you call. But it’s not to be confused with the state where you MAKE.

Our most precious states are unstable – the artist answers trying to stabilize them.

What you feel. What you do. What you want to make feel.


All these microseeds come from Paul Valéry‘s Poietis (Poïétique). They aren’t quotes, I kneaded them for your pleasure. Have fun.

One-Lined Ideas for Writers, Part I

Thanks for reading!

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