“What am I gonna do with you?”

Tonight is a good evening. I watched a terribly bad B-Movie (in France we call these “Film Z”, a Z-movie – makes sense?), called Beyond Skyline.

There are two types of low budget Sci-Fi movies. This one is bad. Dialogs like “Move Move Move!”, or “It’s OK! Ok? Okey…”.

But I liked this one, in a way, because there’s a really genuine will to do good. And it’s so bad! Poor guys!

The other type is the Monsters type ( http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1470827/ ) by Gareth Edwards, who directed since : Godzilla and Rogue One. Monsters was penniless but fantastic, great, inventive, gorgeous, magic!


In the beginning of Beyond Skyline I found this article idea :

A father (a cop) tries to talk to his son (a rebel) in the tube (before the ETs attack the Earth, OK?), and he says him :

“What am I gonna do with you?”


Oh I love that sentence!!!

And well, this is the subject of this article.

“What am I gonna do with you?” means a lot.

It says something about “a link, but”. About the complexity of life. About love. About something positive (I talk to you) but negative (you’re a mess, man!). This dance of love and bond and difficulties is one of the cores of life…

“What am I gonna do with you?”

What does it mean? What kind of smile dances around it? Why? What is it to be a mess (but I need you around)? Isn’t it the REASON why we like the person, though?


Thanks for reading! (it’s my 800th article!)


How to Unblock what you don’t know what is Blocked?

“How to Unblock what you don’t know what is Blocked?” – yes, I know, my English is a bit drunk at times, though I didn’t (drink).

This article today is a dial. I suppose you got me :

Something is blocked. You have to unblock it AND you think you’re able to, but you don’t know where and what is blocked.

…(a thing, mister Tech, or a situation : when blockness is around, anything can be blocked, right?)…

Like in Diplomacy, or like an Oriental Master watches his trainee, like a Mother in front of her teen’s stubbornness…


You turn the thing like a big ball, continuously, until you see the tiny fissure from where you can act. You don’t necessarily find what is blocked, but maybe a way to find it, or something to trigger to make the whole thing unblock itself. What else?

Watch. Displace. Think. Displace. Trigger. Watch. Try. Breathe. Watch. Insist. Try else…

I give you a hint : maybe you have to change the word/tool, like the locksmith changes his key, patiently.

  • If you can’t teach, you can maybe influence? (how?)
  • If no tools work, maybe try… water?
  • If no methods work, what about ruse?
  • If you insisted and fail, what about letting go?
  • What if blocked was good?
  • Wait…


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Examining a problem with Valéry

In found this very little structure in Paul Valéry’s notebooks. I cut, bolded and translated my way. As it’s a “tool”, Mr Valéry won’t be angry (and well, he died in 1945). Where would we apply this screwdriver? How do I say “I will can”, in English? I’ll be able to? Hmm?


The spirit won’t be in a hurry to imagine what is necessary to considerate a problem.

it will examine, not caring about time & duration of the process.

Aware of the remarkable contrast between 1/ promptness, impatience and worries of the “heart” and 2/ this slowness, made of criticism and hope.

This lateness, this delay – which can can unlimited – has an effect : to transform the problem.

The transformed problem will be able to transform the questioner…


C360_2011-11-08 17-45-09.Share.jpg

 Also :

“To overcome one’s talents.

My skills unplease me.

My easy bores me. 

My difficult drives me”.


Possible Rule against Problems

A rule which stipulates that one should never set as a goal to solve totally and definitively a problem.

Une règle qui stipule que l’on ne doit jamais se fixer pour but de résoudre totalement et définitivement un problème.



Was it a “good” problem? What is a good problem after all?

It kept you busy? It makes you think, and evolve?

Problem as a chance?

Solving problem as an exhausting (and idiot) goal? Because it’s impossible?

Accepting and confine the problem? Having enough strength to transform the problem into an ally?

I let you play with this concept a little more. THEN, you can apply the little tool to a real problem : an enemy, a relationship, the evil, something inside you, stupidity, a goal too hard to reach?

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«the solution of the problem you see in life is a way of living which makes what is problematic disappear»

“La solution du problème que tu vois dans la vie, c’est une manière de vivre qui fasse disparaître le problème”


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I Ching to solve a problem? Are you serious? #iching

I ching (in French we say i King ou Yi-King) is an ancient divination text from China. There are many ways to “pick” one of the 64 “hexagrams”.

They call it “The Book of Changes”, and in fact, it’s useful to use it when you struggle, when you hesitate.

Well, in your life, in a company, in family, in love : “Are you serious? A chinese divination what??”.

Tool : I Ching. Buy a book. Pick an hexagram (with sticks or coins, who cares), and work on it. Really.

The secret is :

I Ching does NOT guess anything. There is absolutely NO magic here.

I Ching changes the way you see the problem

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