The gap between the real and the hoped

“L’écart entre le réel et l’espéré” : The gap between the real and the hoped…

When the gap is too wide, what happens? We drift.

Drifting is boat vocabulary. You can say you’re out of gas. Or you’re stuck. Parked. You’re powerless. Whatever.

Drifting means you have no steam and you let go. Maybe you watch. Maybe you wait. Maybe you think. Drifting is interesting. Be angry. Or zen. You could get lost… That’s maybe cool!

If you know the 4 laws of action when you have a problem, when you have a gap between the real and the hoped :

  1. You can go away. No gap any more, because the hope has gone.
  2. You can change the way things are. New boat. New rivers…
  3. You can change your hopes. Invent new ones.
  4. You can just shut up – and accept the gap.


Meantime, drift. Wait. Quarrel. Drown. Insist. Watch. Endure. Actualize.

You have the right to say no to “Don’t forget to smile”. Drifting people who fakesmile on their boat look like lunatics!

Stand up, though. The horizons could signal.


OK. There’s always hope : Remember to smile back, one day!

Have a nice day!



Bag of Knots

One day you realise that there’s a day behind you, which you don’t understand at all. A day full of arguments or misunderstanding or bad behaviour or errors. It’s a Bag of Knots. Un “Sac de Nœuds”, voilà. You, with your ability of thinking and deconstructing and put things in order, you dream or you think that you maybe could open the Bag of Knots and watch the knots inside and pick one or two of them. There are strings, visible strings. Knots. Dark places and cores in the middle of the knots. You could fix that, after all. Deknotting by deknitting. Getting things better, and straight. With enough time and method, you could do it. But you don’t, because it’s a Bag of Knots. Let it be. Sitting here in the shadow. Full of misunderstandings. Give up. It’s too much, too complicated. You could fix it, but you won’t. It is what it is. You don’t have the steam. You want to watch in front of you. You don’t want to deknot. Let the bag closed. There’s no deknotting.

(OK, it’s “unknot”, I’m french, sorry 🙂

Tool : Some problems can not be “fixed”. Stop examining. Just draw a black circle on your map. You’ve been there and you failed. What doesn’t kill you…

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#oldchairs #chairs #chaises