“Cat & Chimneys” Photography : October Lights in a French City

I went to the the post office I walked with my little cam and the light was cool – I took the courtyard and the walls and the houses and redhead cat who’s a little the king of the street, it’s October!

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What does the photographer do in sterile new neighborhood?

What does the photographer do in sterile new neighborhood?

One question the thinker asks is : “Why do you live here?”. Do you live in a quiet old village, or in a quiet new clean street? Left, or right?

Out of the obvious :

  1. On the left, you’d better like your neighbors – and where do you park your fucking car?
  2. On the right, how do you breathe, where’s beauty, where’s life? What would you add (pot of flowers, old things?) not to die in a few days?

Well, it’s too easy, right?

Therefore the entry for my article is the photographer. What do I do? It’s all concrete, straight lines, everything’s smooth!

Hmmm. I could look for cracks, mistakes and flaws, that’s funny, like a revenge of the world. So there! Places like these are like tanned fashion models : entirely boring. And you’re relieved when you notice a flaw : a bit too thick calf, a little scar…

Well, OK. I could try to find line harmonies, colors and clouds, find the “mood of the place”, but I’m not Stephen Shore, sadly :

Another possibility is to cling onto nature : the sky, grass (1), or find a little demon watching (2), or walk just enough to find an old barrier (sigh of relief) (3), or, well, play with my cam in a minimalist mood (4).





What would you do?

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Ben Aronson, “urban scenes” American Painter

I’ve a problem with Ben Aronson. His work always makes me balance like a pendulum, between :

  1. Naah this guy is too dexterous, he paints too much, he trusts too much his talents, it’s crafty knacky laziness, like “I know I’m good, fuck it”.
  2. Ohhh this is so exquisito-gorgeous! Look at this light! Vibrating! We could almost feel the wind and the sun and the shadows and hear the cars. He got the mood and heart of this street!

Therefore I keep watching. His flowers are gorgeous. I admit he “felt” Paris’ streets. I like when he’s attracted to more abstraction. I like this paradox, it’s realistic but not at all : there’s a pendulum with expressionism, a speed, a movement. It’s realistic from afar, but not at all if you look closer…

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The Cityscapes of Ben Aronson



John Giannatos, Greek Street Photographer #streetphotography

I follow more than 2400 persons on Instagram – I love this tool. This is Earth, humanity! For only a few ladies & guys, I activated the “tell me when she/he publishes” option. John Giannatos is one of them.

No genius here. He is just GOOD. He’s a street photographer. And you can see kindness, empathy, a sense of the things which make a good photography : light, moment, frame. He loves people, that’s obvious. John Giannatos. I don’t know him. You’ll find it, right?

Bravo, and thank you, stranger.


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Stephen Shore, mesmeric #Photographer


Stephen Shore is very special to me.

  • Like William Eggleston, he’s one great artist who “rediscovered” color photography when everybody was shooting in black & white.
  • He uses light and sun (and therefore the shadows) like nobody else.
  • He likes to take normal, “non interesting” places, like suburbs, streets, parkings – I am very touched by this approach.
  • His book, Uncommon Places, is a marvel.
  • Each photography is charged with a mood. You can almost breathe the air of it.
  • He has his own way of photographing normal lands, cars, streets, people with so much… care that all these become fascinating, mesmeric.


I found 12 pictures for you (plus the front cover of his book). Stare at these.

Have a nice day!


4.2.723541img_31244466864031_a05ce1819a_oasx-tv-stephen-shore-behind-mythology-2013.htmlTwenty-First Street and Spruce Street,bottom-stephen-shoreserveimageshore-carsstephen_shore-vernaculaire-53stephen-shore-3stephen-shore-09-1080x856stephen-shore-elpaso-large



La Braderie, in #Lille, France, 2017

Every year, it’s La Braderie, a huge flea market in the city of Lille, in the North of France.

It’s a pretty big event here, happening during two days, people sell their old stuff, buy, wander, and… eat mussels with French fries.

It’s been canceled last year because of these few guys in trucks who killed people driving in crowds. This year is security enhanced (some concrete blocks in streets, etc) and people are happy to find their braderie back.

On the last picture, you’ll see our French way to use the concrete “blocks”. Have a beer?

I like it, just to feel the happy mood of my city, the many different people coming from whole Europa, and to buy things, of course (well, mainly books).

I took pictures for you, my readers. It’s nothing important, just a way to feel the… French energy of it. Have fun!