Paul Valéry : “Our talents press us to employ themselves…

I always come back to Paul Valéry’s notebooks. This guy is the most generous French thinker EVER.

Those who know these work, when they meet, have a special smile. “Ah you love Valéry, OK”.

Sign of good sign…

I just read five pages of this guy, about Stendhal, the writer. Here are some seeds to plant in your own soil :


  • “Se connaître n’est que se prévoir; se prévoir aboutit à jouer un rôle”.
  • “To know yourself is only to predict yourself; to predict yourself leads to play a role”.

Really? Isn’t it true? How? Can we forecast ourselves? What do you think about this? Is there a problem? Should we resist? What should we keep?



Napoleo seen by Stendhal is Roman, Italian, it’s the Cesar type, the Condottiere (GIYF). Seen by Balzac, he’s the Emperor of the French, inventor of laws (Le Code Civil (GIYF)), the following of French Revolution, etc.

Valéry takes this as an double exercise : you could prolong these, reasonably, with interest…

Which is a great tool : what subject would you, for your pleasure, DOUBLE STUDY? Lincoln? French lovers? XXth Century music?



  • “La volonté d’être encore ce que l’on fut”.
  • “The willpower to be again what we have been”.



  • “Nos talents nous pressent de s’employer; la formation vive et incessante des idées engendre une étrange impatience de les produire”.
  • “Our talents press us to employ themselves; the keen and unremitting formation of the ideas engenders a strange impatience to produce them”.


You have two hours.

Hmmm :

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Charlie Bowater is a Type – Illustration

Charlie Bowater is a Type.

She has a Deviant Art page, of course :

Typical comments of her page : “Your work is so so beautiful!! “. She’s popular, I suppose, as I found 375 pages of comments for her.

Illustrator for teenagers fantasy books, right?

It’s not the type I meant.

I watch a picture, another one, another one, etc. Dozens. I’m very critical. This is absolutely NOT my cup of tea. Her colors are very ordinary. There’s too much sugar for teens everywhere. And it is, most of the time, fastidiously meticulous. Everything is so gorgeous and well done that I feel a little nauseous.

Here are four of them :



Well, voilà. I don’t like that (though I see the talent and work, OK?). But I kept watching, though. Why?

I was wondering why, silly!

She had something, but I couldn’t find it.

Until I saw her sketchs, her drawings, her drafts :



Voilà, there it is, JP!

Non Finito! Something takes off when she’s fast and casual, when she searches. Less sugar, less gorgeous colors, and more expression.

Charlie won’t probably go towards Simon Bisley‘s exaggerations. But I hope, I really hope 1/ she will have success, 2/ she will go on studying masters, in order to find her “another territory”, a more modern, adult, intriguing and complex one.

Farewell, dear! Bonne route, good road!


Yes, it’s a dial to watch! What about you, us, me? Should you stop and study? Do you have to get out of your “territory”, your comfort zone? Why? Can this movement make you grow up? How? Who do you know who could TELL you this? Are you surrounded with fans who tell you you’re the greatest? What if they make you stagnate in “this” glory?


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No One is a Prince in Every Kingdom

Once upon a time…

…a Prince, in the kingdom of spirit, reaches into his pockets, in search of a penny.

I found this little sentence one day in a book from Ernst Jünger. It seemed to explain that you can be a Prince “here”, and at the same time you can be nothing outside of this place.

Maybe you are an ace for climbing moutains, but you don’t know how to communicate with the opposite sex. Maybe you know how to make money but you’re an idiot in architecture. Maybe you are a great composer, but you know nothing about baking cakes, or organising a wedding party. No one is a prince everywhere !

Dial : Where are you a Prince ? Where are you not ? Do you realise it can be embarrassing for other people to watch you, when you’re out of your Kingdom Territory ?

Meta-Dial : OK I’m french. My english is a frenglish, it’s rusty and wobbly, et voilà. Try me, though. I’ll do my best. I promise. If sometimes it’s too bad, just laugh at me or roll your eyes.

Oh. I should probably kill this blog…

#windturbine #windturbines #sky #clouds
#windturbine #windturbines #sky #clouds


The “Two Many Ideas from a Beginner” Syndrome, ça n’est pas tellement grave…

OK I’m french. My english is a frenglish, it’s rusty and wobbly, et voilà. Try me, though. I’ll do my best. I promise. If sometimes it’s too bad, just laugh at me or roll you eyes.

Young and passionate, here you are.

You want to express yourself, prove something to the world. You’re an artist, an architect, a designer, une personne créative !

While you learn your art and its rules, your energy is growing and you feel powerful. You want and need to unfold into that. Your ideas and your way of organizing them are boiling into your brain. Projects…

Then, one day you discover the enthusiastic possibility of doing something “real”. You begin your new professional life ! Congratulations ! Bravo mon ami(e) ! Money is provided and you will prove your talents.

Disillusions will rain on you, c’est inévitable vous savez, but that’s a topic for another article. You’ll do your thing, nevertheless.

If you’re smart (and you ARE smart, aren’t you?) you can guess what the : “Two Many Ideas from a Beginner” Syndrome is. You want to do well, so you literally pour out everything that’s boiling in your head into your first project. Ça dépote !

Imagine : Your first park ! Your first house ! Your first fashion show ! Your first cooking TV broadcast show… all flooded with your concepts. OK. J’aurais fait pareil…

You know that “less is more” and that great artists are doing great things in simple form, at the same time, you are young and you WANT to express yourself. C’est compréhensible…

A matter of levers again, the “double bind” kind.

If you let go, the result will be great, BUT (and this “but” gets interesting here) you will get little smiles from connoisseurs. And you will hate it because :

1/ You know they’re right… too much all at once.

2/ You quickly realize that one day, in a few years, you’ll look at your work with that same funny smile. Effff !…

Too Many Ideas

Let go. You can’t do anything else and you can’t and mustn’t restrain the energy of youth. You go girl (or boy) ! Later on, you’ll learn how to put these ideas into wise and powerful furrows and choose keys on the keyboard (but not “all the keys” on your keyboard) to make your Art more effective… it will just happen at a later time.


It’s an amusing tool and a subtle one. Just keep in mind the, “Two Many Ideas from a Beginner” Syndrome. It’s like a little wave, a mini-thread to keep some ideas for later.

Cut. Breathe.

You are great… and breathe again ! Et bon, coupez, que diable…