Revealing Idiots

Idiots are Types in movies or literature – I’m not talking about “funny idiots movies” like Dumb & Dumber, it’s more like the village idiot, who is… there, accepted, like a necessary part of all communities.

This guy is interesting because he is an innocent, ignoring the complex rules of society : therefore he often says the truth at the most unexpected time, revealing or unblocking things…

There’s a category about village idiots in movies at IMDB :

Clothes & Idiocy : Undering yourself to watch around

Of course, there are other idiots, more like “people acting stupidly” to make the movie move forward, or to innocently denounce a situation or a society peculiarity.

A little like in this article I wrote a few weeks ago : The Persian Letters Tool

What are the assets and features of the village idiot?

  • He doesn’t understand.
  • He doesn’t believe.
  • He doesn’t know.
  • He doesn’t obey, or randomly.
  • He is inside but outside, he is not really playing the game.
  • He says his truth, he’s a revealer.
  • He’s funny.
  • He can also be a scapegoat.
  • He watches, he lurks.
  • He’s more free.


So… of course you see me coming…

There can be an advantage when you enter a group to appear as an idiot – of course you have the whole game of shades, from the slightly different/weird.unadapted guy to the complete idiot. Idiocy as a mask.

You can also borrow temporarily one of these assets :

  • Make a stupid move (which is a smart move). Idiocy as a manipulation tool.
  • Don’t understand something… on purpose (to follow your own idea?).
  • Don’t know (to be lazy?)


Bahhhh, etc. I should dig more, but I’m an idiot, today.

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Beach Bitch Logorrhea


In the Tube, in Paris, a silly fool with a hat is talking aloud on the platform (about Africa, that’s all I got), then in the carriage too, wax lyrical and boring. You couldn’t escape the sound, but his lecture was incoherent… Everybody was trying to ignore him (blahh blahh blahh), and I think they succeeded pretty well.


In the train. Fast, modern, quiet. People are silent, or whispering, they read or they touch their smartphone. Four young people, three girls and a guy, in a square four-seats nearby. One of them is the Fashion-Female-Blogger Type. You KNOW that Type, right? 25, successful, brilliant, wears “these” spectacles, red lips. She talks endlessly, has a strong opinion on everything, she is very VERY happy to be herself. She talks fast, happily, smartly, loudly to the three others (her court, right?). She immensely bores 75 persons around her too. The whole car!


My family story has been a bit complicated these last years, and I hadn’t been on a beach since… 2011. But, well, I stood on a bath towel last week, for two hours. The idea was great : the sand, the waves lapping, the sun, walking in the water…

The type who appeared very near here is the Parisian sixty something. Sunglasses and a phone. She seems worried, busy, in quite a hurry (though her heavy proud arse was squashing the sand), giving instructions in the phone, telling loudly that somebody knows nothing and she has to do alllll the job and fix everybody’s incompetent mistakes. Annoying 53 persons around. For half an hour (at least : I gave up and ran away).


In a train, back home. An 35 like Italian guy is arguing the Italian way with his wife (of mother). A little bit like in a movie, with a drawling I don’t care I’m Italian I’m sleepy I need a drink tone. “Si, si…”. In the phone, through the tiny loudspeaker, I could hear her, she was SCREAMING (the furious mamma Italian way, of course). He didn’t care at all. Hung up. She recalled immediately, yelling fastly like a furia diva). Happily, he wasn’t around her : he would have felt the wind of the plates flying towards his head). Vzzz!


Sigh. What’s the point, here? Lack of empathy. That’s all. Logorrhea sounds diarrhea, and she’s a cousin, for sure… People talk crap a lot, but when I’m around, they should shut up, voilà! Or I need an island. Or my room. Or a decrapper (which basically could be a cork).

What is that paradox? People logorrhea-monolog in every ear they find, but they’re incapable of weaving a real conversation – which is something else. Oui?

I dreamed I smashed the tube black man, on the hat, poof, here’s to you. I dreamed I spit in miss – “today here’s my crap daily beauty routine” – fashion’s glasses, spflurt. I dreamed I smacked pif paf miss Beach-Bitch’s greasy nose, took her phone and her dentures and throw them into the sea in a big laugh (then I run). OK, I forgive Mario, whatever moron he is. I liked Mario. He didn’t care… and he couldn’t escape the furious voice

Hm. I have logorrhea too, as it seems…

It had to go out. I’m sorry.

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Giberrishing management and other relationships

Erving Goffman explored it a long time ago in books like The Presentation of Self in Everyday Life. I copy paste wikipedia :

Goffman believes that all participants in social interactions are engaged in certain practices to avoid being embarrassed or embarrassing others. This led to Goffman’s dramaturgical analysis. Goffman saw a connection between the kinds of acts that people put on in their daily life and theatrical performances.

So : life in society is a theater.

In relationships, there’s often a gap between an ideal and… reality. It can lead to drama, or to theater : wear a mask. Acting like you are supposed to do.

In management, it’s the same! One day you realize that your manager is managing as if he was believing his sh*t. And if YOU are the manager, well…

Where else?

Everything is fine, right?

Dials :

So what? It can be useful, to be “in peace”!

Where is our theater? What happens when masks fall, and why? Anger? Steam? Change?

Why and how can we become ourselves suddenly, and what would be the consequences?


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“If you shut your door to all errors, truth will be shut out.” #tagore #quote

“If you shut your door to all errors, truth will be shut out.”


“Si vous fermez la porte à toutes les erreurs, la vérité restera dehors.”


– Rabindranath Tagore –

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