A vanished searching energy?

As you know, I’m watching documentaries about movies.

I’m finishing a good one turning around Hitchcock & Truffaut (the French director interviewed the old master for days, and made a book of it).

It became like a Bible for many directors we see in the doc, like Fincher or James Gray.

I came to a place where people like Martin Scorcese and Paul Schrader (who wrote plenty of good films, see : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paul_Schrader ) talk about Hitchcock’s movie : Vertigo – which is a masterpiece!

In the seventies, before VHS tapes or DVDs or the Internet, there was a time when it was virtually impossible to watch the film.

Then they talk about the greed, the big hunger it triggered in movie lovers’ heads. This movie was a myth, something like an invisible treasure…

Nowadays, everything about culture is everywhere. A movie? You can buy it, rent it, stream it, watch docs, read online. It’s a great era for thinkers and explorers.

Therefore, people lost “this” hunger.

I talk with “movies lovers” kids, but most of them don’t know about the old masters.

I personally (I think) managed to keep this hunger. Sometimes I want to push the younglies : listen to Stravinsky, watch Bergman, read Faulkner! Well, nope.

The questions become :

Should we transmit this cultural hunger to new generations who don’t care? How? How come curiosity almost died as soon as everything is online, from University articles to YouTube videos? In a way, that’s what I do here : trying to trigger a few grams of curiosity. Does it work?

PS : Maybe the hunger is living elsewhere. Video games for example. And it works pretty well with smart marketing : Beats headphones as a good example (an average became THE thing people wanted to buy because…).

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Too Much Treasure Vertigo, the Spoiled #Collection Syndrome

Imagine you collect pictures of daisies. You have a folder full of 214 pictures. One day you find a Russian botanical forum on the Internet. There’s a thread : DAISIES (Ромашки). So you plunge, you find a page full of treasures. You collect pictures, you need twenty minutes to grab them all. Then, at the bottom of the page, you see there are 847 mores pages in the thread. BIM! So there!

290px-chamomileoriginal_size Awwwweeee

Too Much Treasure Vertigo

You collect French stamps, year by year, you trade, you dig, you travel. But suddenly your French uncle, about to die, sends you a cardboard box. All his collections of… French stamps. BIM! You have, suddenly, everything. Hell!

Too Much Treasure Vertigo

What does this imply? That, like in the old oriental quotes, the journey is more important than the destination? What is collecting, then? A way to keep ourselves busy? What is desire? What is “to wait” when it’s linked to desire? What’s happening when it’s fulfilled? Another desire? What about another collection, then?

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