End of Sixties Charlton Comics (imaginery) nostalgia

As a 8-11 years old little boy, I remember that from time to time my family went to visit friends in Dunkirk. We were two boys and this other family had two girls. We played a lot outside, ball, badminton or in the snow, and numerous board games too. It was a bit far from our home so we often stayed to sleep.

But well, I liked to read, I love quiet, I also remember that the father always had a good pile of these very cheap comics named Akim or Zembla (pseudo Tarzan, of course). I used to read everything I found, in these mid-seventies…

These were made by the Italians, they had dozens of titles.



Today I found on the net a torrent full of “Charlton Superhero Comics“. Something unknown from me! I read this one and was very pleased to find the advertisments. Awfully cute and cheap : I could almost FEEL the excitement of little kids asking to their parents for the frontier cabin, the stamps, or any catalog they would flip through in loop, every night in the quiet of the bed, or under a tree.

These quiet empty afternoons, where you were watching the clouds for hours, on your back, are almost included in the pages I read tonight.

Thanks for reading! Bye!

I’m sick these days. Sorry for the lack of updates…


The images are clickable :

10 Funny things I saw in La Braderie, in #Lille, France


Mary in a box?


Two siblings mocking the third one


Animals watching shoes


Wanna buy our chair?


Colorful and elegant


Bike on this and know what shaky is


A bench to cigarette on


Just in case of clouds leaks


This bird comes from San Francisco (I asked)


Robby on a flying saucer, obviously. A golden one.


#vintage #cocacola

I like this little one, improbable combination of classic Coca-Cola vintage America and the soooo French “Délicieux avec de bons mets”.

Mets means “dish” (as a “food course”), but it’s unused today, dated and… vintage.

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The Photographs of John Vachon

Wikipedia : John Vachon (May 19, 1914 – April 20, 1975)

He’s known for his black & white rural poor people photographs. What I want to show you here are his color and cities photographs. You’ll find more in Pinterest, or course (for example here).

Here are three of them. The rainy color one is colorised (and wow !).

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