Zodiac : lazinesses or challenges?

This is just a microthing about Astrology. If you think Astrology is nonsensical, you should not read that, it could bore you a lot, et j’en serais fort désolé…

We all have our ways to consider Zodiac. From 0 to 100, you believe in this or not. This is not my point here. It’s just about this question :

You were born one day, therefore you’re a Cancer, a Virgo or a Capricorn, etc. What do you do with this? How do you use it?

  1. Do you use it in sorry statements, to be lazy, like “I’m a Taurus I’m slow, you know…”?
  2. Do you use it to feel challenged, knowing your strengths and weaknesses, to become a better person?

I talked longly one day with a person who knew this field pretty well, who told me about people’s “Birth Charts”, with this smiling sparkle in her eye : some people with perfect harmonious charts were having terrible or failing lives, and some others with… complicated charts were living an interesting, challenging life.

Naaah you can have fun and say this is a good proof that all this is bouleshit for bored ladies. This is not kind! Stop that, I’m blogging! 🙂

In a way, who cares, after all : my pleasure here is to go back to the questions and the 1/2 pattern I am asking after them…

Dials : What, in our days, could be our Big Statement Bouleshit Mistakes? When do we say “I’m like that and I can’t change”? Why? What if we began to play “Unpinning Mindsets”? What if… sometimes… we needed to stop saying “I don’t do that, ever”?

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In #French #Zodiac, a Virgo is a… Virgin, oops!… ( #language & #astrology )

Well, that’s true. In English you have a very poetic way to name zodiac signs. In French we stay closer to… to what, after all?

A Virgo is a Virgin in France, une Vierge. So you can imagine the embarrassment of a Virgo when she’s asked, and the smart smiles of the guys, haha.

What else? Aries is un Bélier (a Ram). Leo is just a Lion. Libra : Balance (it’s Scale, yesss). And Pisces are Poissons (Fishes, yep).

How about your language?

I’m a Taurus. Hi! I post the positive keywords, OK? The negative? Well…

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Mindsets and Zodiac Signs

Ahhh I love to find books about “Two Concepts”. When you meet them, you’re like “Heyyyy ! Why not ? That’s interesting !”. Flowers and Self Help, or Marxism and Christians, or Movies and Architecture, Food and Parenting. Tortoises and Art. Well…

First, let’s talk about Mindsets. It’s a tricky word we don’t have in France. So you can translate it with “état d’esprit” (state of mind) or “mentalité” (mentality ?), or “attitude”. In my mind, a… mindset is a pattern you have in your mind about a precise subject. I’m maybe wrong, but it involves something about “it’s pinned, not moving” (oui ?). For example : “I don’t like to travel”, or “The French are good kissers”, or “I’m a Taurus, therefore I’m slow”.

Haha, see me coming ?

Playing with Astrology is a very funny activité. Everyone knows it’s based on wrong calculations with the stars, but it doesn’t matter, it works pretty well. Sometimes it’s insanely exactly on spot.

But it can also create mindsets. Pisces are dreamers. Taurus are slow and stubborn. Cancers too sensible. Scorpios auto-tortured. Capricorns are cold. You can put labels on signs, and sometimes, it’s just boring : it’s just an alibi for laziness. Like a “I won’t change I’m a fucking Leo !”. Yes you can change, silly !

Tool : Make you Zodiacal sign a lever, not a dial. You can evolve and work on it…