Léonard Misonne, Photographer or Painter?

Léonard Misonne is a Belgian photographer who died in 1943. The first time I saw a picture, I Pinterested it in “Painters” – sure it was a (great) painting.

Nope, this man is a photographer! Of course, he is a “pictorialist” : he retouched his work a lot – way before Photoshop or Instagram filters. So there. It’s academic but my eyes are delighted. The way he uses the light, of course…

But mainly : Belgium is a few miles North of my city of Lille, in France. And therefore I’m touched because he captures “this” light we have in the sky, these autumnal sudden cracks in the clouds from where the sun becomes resplendent, the November moods when water draws mirrors on the roads after endless days of grey drizzle…

Have a nice day!






One thought on “Léonard Misonne, Photographer or Painter?

  1. annetterallsblog October 8, 2017 / 3:10 pm

    Wow, these are exceptional. Pity I can’t see the video because of music copyright reasons in my country.

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