Photography : Taking the veil… off?

I know that most of photography amateurs today modify their pictures on the computer. You have powerful tool to change paramaters…

I took the first picture one summer day on a flea market. To make the second picture I :

  • increased sharpness (30%)
  • Increased contrast
  • decreased brighness


The two last steps “took the veil off”. It’s really like a veil. When you remove it from your pictures it’s like you cleaned the glass window between the world and your eyes.

I chose another picture with a tree. If I remove the veil, the tree’s shadow is more… correct, but I think, I feel I lost the summer mood… Maybe not. I don’t know.

What do you think?

Thanks for reading!




A few French Buzzing Guys in Macrophotography, Part 2/2

Being in a park with my cam, finding little guys who, like me, try to live, brings me a kiddo pleasure, like when I followed ants with my magnifier, when I was 10. Here’s my “Come and see”s of the day :