The intense photography of Trente Parke, Part II

Here are a few color photos from Trente Parke. “Intense”, that’s not so simple. I love photographers who pushes leverages : darks are too dark, colors are too much. But also : the compositions are gorgeous, the light is splendid, shadows and lines are smart, the mood of the moment is always there – this is generous photography. This guy has it, right?


The intense photography of Trente Parke, Part I

Trent Parke (born 1971) is an Australian photographer, member of Magnum Photos.

For me he’s the best street photographer ever. You’ll find in his work : energy, composition, mystery, questions, technique (light, long pauses), intensity…

I’ll make a second article with his colors.

1999058JLLON38309LON38311LON38315LON38333LON38337LON38377LON38385LON38402AUSTRALIA. Sydney. Pitt st, city centre. 2002AUSTRALIA. Sydney. Hunter st, city centre. 2002AUSTRALIA. Sydney. Martin Place, city centre. 2002