Electric Potential

Deleuze says that words are old and that we write to try to create electric potentials : between these, “something can pass”, a lightning who comes from language, who will show us what was hidden by dust.

Maybe love is based on that, right? A link based on differences…

I like to write in English because it’s not my language, I have to search for words, and if I’m casual I try to invent some. I HOPE it feels a bit non-OK-but-I-get-it.

You can consider the idea of “translation” this way. I remember that Brian de Palma was obsessed by other movies. Then he translated his way, making Blow Out (a guy records sounds and accidentaly maybe gets a shotgun) from Blow Up (a photographer takes pics in a park and realizes there’s a body). Changing an element to see what we find.

For this, inventing a freedom and a casualness is necessary. If I think too much, I would never write in English, because I know it’s… not good. But I don’t care : I find ideas and I share. Some days, I know it triggers other ideas in readers, or it plugs with another thinker’s mind, and voilà! I’m happy!

Sometimes life’s like a puzzle. A sentence in a blog can be a little piece of the puzzle, or a little tool to change it. Use it, steal it, reframe it : this is what I did too, before.

Ideas have to circulate, maybe spread.

Have a good day!


We always write to give birth to free life where she’s jailed, to draw flee lines. For this, language must not be an homegenous system but an unbalancement, always heterogenous : style digs differences of potentials in it it, between which something can pass, happen, a fast lightning who will comes out of the language itself, and will show us and make us think about what stood in the shades around words, these entities we didn’t even know they were existing…


“Plugging trivials with concepts”, Chronicle 42

I write in English because I become a stranger in my own language. It triggers little things : a casualness, a keep-myself-ness from being too (…).


It’s maybe a pop-blog. Plugging trivials with concepts, to make tools, to share micro-seeds.


When the mistake is to stop trying.


A fiery patience.


Sometimes you need “new eyes” to check your work. But sometimes, this person ALSO needs help from another one, another pair of eyes…


What is irreplaceable?


Degradation by habit.


Auto poisoning by “shortfall of use of resources”.


To plug on a outside-miracle : imagination.


“What if the goal of life was to create yourself a soul?”





Spiritual Retreat(s)

When someone is sick, or in hospital, (s)he is different from other human beings – separated from the others, who have to run along their days…

After a heart attack or a stroke, everything stops, and then one think about things other people don’t have time to think about (and should do?).

Other events can push you into this state, loss, inheritance, pregnancy. This incident changes the course of life, it’s a revealing process. One think different suddenly, a little out of the flow…

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Retreat_(spiritual) : “…an intimate way of deepening powers of concentration and insight.”


Maybe it’s sad that we need religions, illness or sudden events to begin to think about…

About what? Why? What if I decided a retreat, twice a year? Not “holidays”, but a loneliness time in a lonely bungalow on a desert sand dune, in the wind and the sun within pines and in front of the sea – dans les Landes, évidemment – with no books, no wi-fi and no screens…


Thanks for reading!


The “Triangle Words Expansion” method for creative writing

When you blog on WordPress, you have charts where you can see the number of visitors and what pages, what articles they visited. It’s funny because since a few days it’s very… like telling the story of who visited me : the visited pages draw something – and I ofter re-discover articles I forgot I wrote!

It linked some writings together, giving a sense into the form of structure, and I thought about Roussel and my Triangle Words Expansion method.

I know this technique from Raymond Roussel, a French writer. It’s awfully simple : Choose 3 words and draw a triangle – draw links from each word with all you need to use – cut them in pieces, use linked words, etc, until you get a light-bulb over your head, a seed, a story-idea.

OK. The method is simple : catch a book a magazine a dictionary, choose three words. These words must be a bit interesting, and apart from each other (if you choose farm, cow and horse, you won’t go very far).

Then use whatever you want to extend/expand your field.

One day I wrote a short story about a bottle in space, but… whatever.

I just did it and found “reminiscent“, “domesticate” and “solace“.

From this, staying in English, you cut words to find these : rem, scent, mini, dome, cat, tick, mess, solo, ace, solar or shoelace…

Tick gives clock, time, parasite, insect, disease. Dome gives glass (perfect for sun). When I’m stuck I use French : mess gives “messe” (a mass, which gives me religion and heaviness, right). Ace give me “carte” (a map, or a card to play).


I don’t have a story yet, but I know there’s a woman alone living in the future, under a glass dome, with a cat named Ola. She’s praying when she sees something frightening through (or on) the dome. She will need to escape (needs a map), and outside will be captured and her hands tied : all what she saw was fake, an illusion to make her out.

Hmmm. Any Sci-Fi writer around? I’ll do better next time, OK?

Thanks for reading!


Summons to Reflexivity & Technics of Euphemization : Chronicle 38

One should from time to time re-study Yin & Yang. How they’re linked. How it passes from one to another. How they act & work together. How one prepares the other one. How we need both.


When someone rivals with you, but doesn’t understand what you’re doing really.


You have 1/ academics, the mainstream thing, then you have 2/ a revolutionary group, a powerful will to progress against it, you often don’t realize there are already 3/ people in the next phase, preparing in silence the next movement.


Bringing face to face, confronting two things :

  1. A tendency, a disposition, a propensity, something ready
  2. A situation, a place, a moment

(is the 2 provoked or prepared by the 1?)


“To make today what’s been done in the past“. How, why, what for? You have two hours.


We don’t know really what we’re doing.


What could be a trick to tell something… without telling it?

(technics of euphemization)


One danger for thinkers : the stiffening of categories. When you begin to think in non-movable boxes, the “labeling disease”. When you’re “sure”, you stop flows and possibilities.


A tendency to connect things.


The right to be disappointed by someone, a father a sister a lover or anyone.


“To remember is to imagine” is an obsession of Siri Hustvedt.


When you don’t find your words, WALK.


Freud says that dreams protect your sleep. It gets your brain busy in the meantime.


When you have a idea and you hunt it down thanks to the words. It’s a lonely process, or a conversation process.


I read somewhere that the beginning of civilization is not “family”, but “face to face conversation”.


When you neglect to call a decision into question.


Incitement without goal


Thanks for reading! Have a great day!


The Source of Stress in Spielberg’s “War of the Worlds”

“War of the Worlds” is a stressful film, so I searched, and found Spielberg used a pattern.

I’d like to ask him (or the scenarist), but here’s how he does to make us nervous :

He provides a protection against something, then destroys it.

Continuously, all along the movie.

The little key is provided by the daughter, who has asthma and uses a symbolic “bubble” with her arms. Her brother knows this trick and uses it with her to help her cope with worry.

  1. The father (protection) is not a good father and doesn’t know how to deal with kids (which happens all the time in Spielberg’s movies). This divorced man has nothing ready, nothing in the fridge, etc, to welcome his kids.
  2. Knowledge (lightning never hits the same place twice) doesn’t work.
  3. Cruise runs and hides IN a store to escape killing rays, to see people vaporized just next to him.
  4. The house where they hide in the night (basement) is destroyed by the events outside (plane crash), and there’s a great picture of Cruise climbing the stairs, coming into the living room – and feels the wind in his hair : there’s no roof on the house anymore…
  5. The car which is a bubble and a way to escape is destroyed (windows) and invaded by a crowd, and they have to let it go.
  6. The family they know (and could be an ally to deal with events) is separated from them near the boat.
  7. Symbols like when the daughter has to pee, goes in an idyllic field in a splendid light near a quiet river… flooded with dead bodies.
  8. The shelter provided for Cruise and his daughter is visited by the ETs and provided by a dangerous fool (Tim Robbins).


Tool :

Well, this little tool is something I like in the process of “how to write” (a story, a novel, a movie). Find a little pattern which could be used a a seed to find ideas.

Here : Intrusion.Which is a fractal way to play with a story, right?


Thanks for reading!



Muses are many & Men with no imagination : Chronicle 35

Your faculty to imagine from incomplete datas


“Let us leave pretty women to men with no imagination.”
Marcel Proust


Muses are many

They don’t talk to each other
They eventually dance together
Without a word – always.


Life as responses to rows of random events


…inharmonies intentionnelles


Faire feu de tout bois. Make fire with all woods, it’s the French way to say “Fire on all cylinders”.
(It’s funny to notice we talk about making a fire, versus… what? Going faster?)

Nietzsche said : “One must have chaos in oneself to give birth to a dancing star”.

– Different ways of saying that you blogger, like me, use EVERYTHING around to get ideas and texts. Everything.

Even a trap, a loss, a paradox, a mistake, everything.


Every “warrior”, one by one, could die of/in his war. Even Ayrton Senna.


“What you seek is seeking you”


A blog is also a reminder


“Happiness is beneficial for the body, but it is grief that develops the powers of the mind.”
Marcel Proust


Take your broken heart. Make it into art.
Carrie Fischer


The naivety of thinking Art as a happy meeting of a subject and a talent
The fear of the shortest paths…


Peter Gabriel in an interview : “It’s a different sensibility. Most bands begin, you know, playing together, and then find writing. We wanted to write, and we found playing”.

Heyy that’s a subject for an article, right? OK I’m on it.


Did Rumi write this ? :

“The one who seeks a flawless brother stays without a brother”

Thanks for reading!




Photo : Tamas Dezso