Miles & Pina : Enigmas and what their message addressees make of them

Wandering into a book about Miles Davis, I found one entry : Enigmas. As a director, he indeed oftenly told strange phrases to the musicians he was playing with.

He quickly told, during a concert, “Don’t play the butter notes” to Herbie Hancock, who had to guess what it was about. To forget the fat, the obvious notes, play dry?…

But also “Implicit in Davis’s advice is the counterintuitive idea that having fewer options actually expands the creative possibilities available to a musician, because you have to work extra hard to make up for the absent notes.”

Therefore : a more aerial game AND creativity triggering, from and after a five words injunction!


So I think about Pina Bausch telling “I chose you for your weaknesses” to a tough dancer, as an enigma, which totally unblocked the dancer.


There’s one tool here, for team managers, who need :

  1. The sense of timing (when to aim, and how)
  2. The sense of immediacy
  3. The will to disturb someone “in a good way”
  4. The Koan talent (find the good phrase to unblock a frustrated collaborator)
  5. The director skills (how to opportunely address a whole team or one of its elements)

Analysis or Vision? Logic or Instinct? It’s up to you…


This leads me to an end : Message Addressees.


To click on enigmatic messages, to understand a koan, to dismantle a manipulator‘s discourse, you have to think, you need to be trained.

If you’re a fast thinker like Herbie Hancock, you accept the good idea, you understand it and apply it with your possibilities and your will. As if someone showed you a window. Let’s jump through it!

Negatively? Toxic communicators and bad managers will often try to define you, to put you down, to trick you with paradoxes, injunctions or enigmatic assertions. If you’re aware of it, you’ll have fun dismantling all these processes at fast pace, clipping along the suite of sentences and putting the dead bones on your wooden desk : Ok this, then that, and oh this too…

Then you do what you have to do.


Now I think about strange movies like Fight Club (Fincher) or Eyes Wide Shut (Kubrick), which have the capacity to bore the bored, and to activate some others…


Conclusion : Enigmas, good or bad, are good for thinkers!


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“The very activity of seeking an answer”


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“A kōan is a story, dialogue, question, or statement, which is used in Zen practice to provoke the “great doubt” and test a student’s progress in Zen practice”.



Degas & Mallarmé : painting, poetry, ideas and creativity

Degas (a painter) was discussing poetry with Mallarmé (a poet);

“It isn’t ideas I’m short of… I’ve got too many”, said Degas.

“But Degas,” replied Mallarmé, “you can’t make a poem with ideas. … You make it with words.”

Game for brain : behind the obvious, what does that mean? What frontier does is draw? Why? What can we find around this? Where to apply it?

Mallarmé answers a painter… as a poet. He did it on purpose, right? How can a Art irrigate another Art?


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Borrowing Small Machines for Thinkers

Yesterday I read a little paragraph of P. Valéry and translated it my way to offer his little “structure seed for thinkers” to my readers. I wrote it fast, casually, pulling it out of the book, without the context. As if I stole a single petal – or a swanny feather – to put it on a paper under a lamp to watch it closely. “Oh, curves! Symbol!”.

Went to bed with my Pléiade of Valéry, finding out that he wrote his 261 notebooks from 1894 to 1945 – 26600 pages written an hour every dawny morning. Thoughts and abstractions (nothing like a “diary”). Thinker thinking, building small tools, pure mental exercises to keep his spirit “sharp and flexible”.

I smiled : he would have loved (like Deleuze with his concepts) people to borrow phrases to build their own thing, or to present them as little machines for thinkers.

Then I read at random page a book about Miles Davis. Found an article about Panthalassa, an LP composed in 1998 by Bill Laswell, who accessed Miles Davis’ original tapes from 1969-1974, cutting them, fixing them, rebuilding music from them. Something in this mood which exists since sampling exists : considering the music heritage like a continuous collective flow you can open and close windows in, helping yourself with convenience…

See me coming? It’s been a smile when I discovered my evening was in the whole shadow of a great ideatree.

Ideas, seeds and tools are everywhere like fruits, and no one piece comes from nowhere. You can even borrow them from yourself (read a letter you wrote two years ago). Seedseeking purposing.

Miles constantly did that with and from other musicians. You can get inspired by an ignorant, or another art. And Valéry was a great reader… It’s a flow.

If one day I learn that one of my little tools was used to make something else, or put a seed in a mind, somewhere on Earth, then I’ll be happy. Plunder it, guys!


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“Write a book!” & fiddlesticks answers

We all know someone who has new ideas AND who is great in thinking & expressing them. Thus we harass her/him this way : “Write a book!“.

More, these thinkers are exhausting, because along the conversations you have with them, you realize (and they too – pardon my French) that they have not one book but two or three books ready in their stubborn head.

But it’s worse, because life is life, people around are not very supportive, one run out of gas, one is empty, tired, parked or/and forgotten. Therefore no writing and no books – even if you whisper “Fiddlesticks!” to their busy bee ear, bzz bzz…

I just discovered “Fiddlesticks” (I suppose it sounds vintage and probably southern, right?) and I like it so much I’ll put it everywhere in this blog for a few days, sorryyy…

– Fiddlesticks!


What is worse indeed?

  • The person who really deadly WANTS to write a book and never writes it?
  • The person who writes a book, which is published and nobody buys it?
  • The person who has success with a published book – which is crap?
  • Or a thinker full of ideas and visions, who verbalizes them when you’re present, and writes nothing, and will die with the whole package?


Endearing, but “people should come to their own realizations”…

When do you begin?


Have a nice day!


Simon Stålenhag, Swedish Digital Painter

Digital Artist? Designer? Painter? I don’t know. He has a universe (countryside, dying machines, toys, megastructures), but he has “this” sense of light, mood and weather that I love.

On Wikipedia :

Official Website : (you’ll find his FB and Twitter there)

To buy prints :

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Imagine a Blog Duel as a double mutual inspiration…

From Quarrel to Joust : Elevation process explained there’s a positive way to discuss. Joust is a game, and it can be a game of words. Between friends, even in a couple!

When you friends are so close that you organize arguments for pleasure #INTJ told how you can invent arguments with a friend to have fun, to learn from each other, etc.

It’s a pattern, see? : duel for fun, to see what’s emerging from it.


Today I imagined a blog, invented by someone else to have a “conversation” with mine. Of course it’s a fantasy. It wouldn’t be really linked. Maybe even not one single other reader would know about it (except the duelist). Knowing that someone somewhere will answer to your articles, will agree, complete them, disagree, fight, split, get inspired or enlarge your work, spilling seeds everywhere (in both camp). Waow!

Double Mutual Inspiration. Conversation without a single contact.


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Organizing Withdrawal

In my 22th Chronicle I talked about Pasolini and Didi-Huberman (an Italian director and a French philosopher), about the fireflies – the persons who, in dark times, arrange, create, install glimmers, little lights.

It’s about resistance : it’s discreet, humble, unnoticed by the majority (who run on highways, into the big neon lights of consumerism & productivity). Fireflies. They’re in the woods, along small paths and trails…

Fireflies disappear maybe because we don’t know how to see them anymore, say philosophers, but, well, obviously, they really disappear…

Maybe there’s a way to “organize the retreat”? 

In military vocabulary, a withdrawal is a “type of military operation, generally meaning retreating forces back while maintaining contact with the enemy” (wiki). There’s something included in this : it must be organized, held, kept in order, “in contact with the enemy”. If you lose this idea, it’s rout.

I should find a book about this concept! Retreating seems a negative thing, but we are here on a field where we have to find the positive aspects. Military speaking, I found this list here about withdrawal – :

  • To pretend weakness
  • To make time to observe enemy
  • To make time to recover
  • To make time to plan
  • To lead enemy to more favourable area
  • To evade attack
  • To lessen force of enemy blow
  • To delay battle to a more favourable time
  • To defuse conflict
  • To wear out opponent

When I was in my Napoléon time, I was fascinated by Ney, Marshal of the Empire. In Russia he commanded the “rearguard”. Interesting to study, if you fancy it…


What about fireflies?

Glow-worms’ signals are intermittent and fine, minuscule, fragile. The tiny is the place of resistance. A singularity which also could make the forgotten… intelligible again. A firefly as an example?

Organizing the retreat is to BE a firefly, or to help them, maybe also to show those who whistle there are no more fireflies that they are wrong. It’s about “something is staying”. They glow in darkness. If you don’t see them anymore, it’s because you don’t want to follow their signals…

But I’m sure you do see them. I’m sure you’re one of them…

When, when you’re in the Crowd, do you step aside to glow-resist? When you meditate? When you create? When you throw an invisimagical moment? When you do “a little of the contrary”? When you have some unexpected two seconds behavior? When you show a thing of beauty? When you don’t follow, you disobey? When you…

 “A thing of Beauty…”

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