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The Insisting Many Angles Exploration Tool

Imagine you want to explore a part of history. The US Civil War, for instance.

First you have to find your “entry level”. Political? Military? Daily life in the country? Chronology? What happened before? Slavery?

Then what do you read? Documents from the era? Historians? Biographies? Novels happening at this time? Hmmm…

What is the size of your magnifier? Do you watch structures and big pictures, or do you focus on one day in the war?


I discovered that my best way to explore a field is to gather a few books and to focus on one little element.

It can be a sole day in the war, or one battle only, or one person of the time. But it can be one “element”, for example : railroads during the Civil War, or the way this war has been represented in movies along the century.

Then : insisting. Many angles. Many sources. Etc. And little by little you’ll find… a fabric, a texture, something…

Then you’ll know if you have to go on, and which way. Another “zoom” or a big synthesis, whatever.

Have fun. Thanks for reading!



“Consider other doors, gallivanter!”



The Dreadful Need of Weakness

I read somewhere that Beckett talked about “l’affreux besoin de faiblesse” – the dreadful need of weakness – we all have inside.

When you’re 18 and you have to write about this idea in philosophy course, you fulminate against the teacher, right? But this morning I found it really… arousing.

It’s different if you think about yourself, or about… someone else.

Our need of weakness, when it becomes a necessity to let go, or to choose closure, loneliness and quietness : no events, a life all bland. Can I say “eventless”?

Or when you give in to your flaws : love of good food, or cigarettes.

Vocabulary :

  1. Postponements : procrastination as a need of weakness. “To hell with it”, as a need of weakness.
  2. Lies : because we don’t want to deal with consequences. When we say what the other needs to hear… to have peace.
  3. Drifts : waiting time, hands over reins… just to see what happens? Or for the pleasure to see decisions made by others? Or to witness how something will crash…
  4. Relapses : stop smoking, but…


Other words?

And why this need of weakness? To regroup? To stop? To be looked after?…

What do you think? When does it happen? How do you detect and accept it in other people around you?

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Introverts Network in Terrible Meetings

The INTM (Introverts Network in Terrible Meetings) is well known by introverts, INTJs and other 5s (Observers in MBTI).

What is it?

There’s a meeting, and the common bad idea of making it “funny”. It becomes a mess made of (poor) jokes, (cheap) company puns, “teams” and games.

The crowd reaction is mainstreamly watchable : people have fun! Yeyyy!

They want to win the “challenge”, they laugh, they rush headlong, happily.

But you’ll always find a few bad elements : the introverts, the sensitive persons who hate noises, jokes and games. They want to be alone and think, they want to work in small quiet teams. They watch the luring “game”, don’t believe in anything of it, they don’t have fun AT ALL.

Pretty quickly, they notice each other, they watch each other, internally rolling eyes, internally facepalming. It’s a network, an invisible one.

For whom these meetings are a pain in the… brain…

Have you been there? Oohhhh yes!

So what?

  1. If you’re just a pawn in the machine, just shup your fuckup and wait. The end is coming. You can watch around and have “your” fun by sorting types of humans and telepathying with others. Or inner retreat like a spider in her hole, linked to reality by a thin tenuous yarn.
  2. If you’re from the other side : please invent less vulgar & cleverer ways to inform people – we see and we know what you’re doing you know?).


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Books! Awards! Jump!

Goncourt, Renaudot, Fémina : it’s the literary prizes week in France. Books! Awards!

As soon as the names come up, herds of obedient consumers rush to buy the books – which are sold out, of course.

I wonder why. Do people want the book because they don’t know how to choose a story by themselves? Do they just pavlovically trigger-happy-obey to primary medias impulse? Is it something like mimetic desire (Google it, but it’s the way a kid want “this” red toy-car just because someone wants it)?

I don’t know, but I have a solution.

If you consider that geting awarded means it’s a good book, just move a little back, to last year, or ten years ago, whatever. What if the Pulitzer of 2014 STAYED good?

You’ll find plenty more good infos on the web about each book. You’ll find a pocket book version. You’ll find it cheaper on Craiglist, and you’ll disobey a little to cattle movements. Little pleasure.

Have a nice day with a book!


Photo Contests & Artistic Choices

I found a funny photo game on my phone called GuruShots (it’s a website too). They invent many “challenges” like “Anything Blue” or “Remembrance” or “Animals”, or “Cities in Black & White”.

It’s well done and exciting like every contest – though your rapidly feel that they want to sell you “boosters” and “exposure bonus”. If you pay, you have more chances to be seen. I understand they have to make money, that’s the game…

I also like to see other peoples pictures : some guys are great, very professional. But I see too many winners with THIS kind of “gorgeous” pictures :


In French, we say “Pouah !” for your ugh! or yuk!


We all have our bad tastes, I reckon. But this gorgeous jolly happy colored shit banality is really unbearable, right?

“HDR landscape” (Google it) and “water reflection” photos bring this to my head : “This is disgusting“. They try to activate one low level single string in the audience : “Oh this is gorgeous look at the coloooooors”. Yuk and puke! So there.

There are many little levers I also activate when I post a picture, like “it’s too easy” : nostalgic light, a mood, too much contrast, abstract blurry, lines, too dark, etc… Well, this is my way :


So what? I don’t win any challenge here.

For now I’ll keep posting a couple of pictures in certain ones (but not all of them : nothing for “Tatoos”, or “Africa”, haha), to determine how high I can climb without cheating.


The dials I see here are : 

What do I seek when I take a picture? To marvel people, or to make them wonder? Or smile? If you’re not a pro (asked to do this and that), what is it you do? How do you progress?

Do you Art to please an audience (with success) or do you Art to do what you like, even if the audience likes it less? What if these two aspects coincide?

Sorry for my frenchy English, I’m probably rusting…

Thanks for reading!



Invitations to GuruShots :