The Plague of Traveling Horribilulum Types

Nahhh don’t worry, I’m not like that. Moreover I don’t care : I don’t travel, haha. I never took a plane! I know it’s sad. I will visit. One day.

OK now I put the

<Sarcasm Mode ON> :

When you travel you meet Types. Today let’s forget local idiots and focus on travelers.

  • Drivers don’t understand their motors are noisyboring and carry the possibility of accidents and consecutive deaths or unpleasant hospital sojourns
  • Photographers are worrying they have to find their frame and consecutively they never see anything – plus they bore friends and family in their living room when they’re back in endless photographic messexhibitions
  • Selfies idiots are just selfies idiots – OK put “I’m in Italy” on Facebook to say you’re happy there
  • Ignorants ignore history of the place they visit – it’s just “cool”
  • Mainstream tourists are horrible they wanna climb the Eiffel Tower but don’t know why it’s here – they see the Taj Mahal but ignore there are other great places in this city
  • Bus Tourists cattling in groups to see what “has to be seen” – take a pic!
  • Other types I’ll add later. You have any ideas?

<Sarcasm Mode OFF>


Nahh I love you, fellow travelers. You’re NOT like these, after all, right?

I don’t travel. But I know Paris a little. I have been rue Legendre (c’est aux Batignolles), completely ignoring that Manet lived there, in the same street, and met his friends in cafés around. Verlaine and Sisley lived Rue Nollet! And these friends talking about painting was made by Bazille rue de la Condamine. Well, I had a pizza here, once. Oh. My.

Next time I’ll sit on a bench near the church, at night, and talk with ghosts of Manet and his friend Baudelaire.

Stupid tourist me.


Have a nice day!






Damn Mass Tourism Morons

France has an island near Italy called Corsica (La Corse). There’s a very well known GR Footpath, a trail named GR 20 – – which needs half a month of backpacking, 7 hours a day. It’s fantastic, it’s hard, it’s beautiful. Guess what? It’s CROWDED. Like there’s tons of garbage because of idiots queuing near the Everest. The shelters are expensive, you have to book, and it’s like cattle of course…

Each summer, hundreds of greaaat people walk this one – though in France only, there are HUNDREDS of these trails –

Well, European morons do the same : they come to the USA to see “New York” and “Route 66“. All is organized for mass tourism there, hotels and restaurants, and it’s the same for the GR 20 (even if you can walk France on the GR 52 or the GR 128).

I’m a bookseller. I sell dozens of books about the GR 20. Not one for the 600 others ones. NONE.

The LAST things I want to see of America are New York City and the Route 66. I want to take the Route 80! And you won’t see me queuing in the GR 20!

Why this article? I don’t know. I’m just angry. How can people come to Paris and ignore Haussmann or the Orsay Museum, or even WHY the Eiffel tower was built?

Why do I want to kill these people near the Leaning Tower of Pisa?


Bahhh forget it.

Thanks for reading!