Do you talk alone when you bake?

We all have, I think, an instinct-list in our brains, who knows the bad signs and the good signs.

Sign of good sign, for me :

When someone talks alone when she bakes

…or when he/she “makes” something.

I don’t know why I consider why it’s a good sign. Let’s think about it. What does that mean? Maybe it’s a way :

  • to slow down the never ending fast thinking process we all have in mind?
  • to evacuate a part of stress?
  • to offset the absence of a conversationing spouse?
  • to focus – with words?
  • to “check” things (for instance what’s written in the cook book)?
  • to organize blossoming ideas who come in bursts inside our head?
  • to put tasks in a row (because words come in line and are not polyphonic) instead of all-at-the-same-time?


Well, I’m like that. I have colleagues like that.

When I organize pile of books, deciding  where I will place them where I think they belong, from crates on shelves or on tables or on lecterns – I talk to myself about what I do.

It can happen that someone comes to me smiling and say “You talk alone, mister, and I do the same”.

Winking eye. We’re from the same faction…

Are you?

Have a nice day!





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