Our inner forest of archetypal patterns

I read something about Picasso and Matisse, his friend. One was skilled with drawing. The other one with color.

I always loved to watch people’s structure. You can see them as deep Archetypes or themes or axis or schemes : one has to teach, the other to art, or to parent, or to love, or to fight.

And the artist has to know his assets.

And the drawer has to know if he’s fast or meticulous.


One has to find their inner patterns.

I think I love to share, therefore I should have been a teacher. So… I write a blog.

Some people heals. They use their hands. Some are in action. My tools are made of words…

Axes, Axis, Axles : “Become who you are”

When I study Picasso I read a lot. INTFJ. I don’t want to hear about periods or chronology, but I love to be explained about his trunks, his structures :

  1. Discover the modern
  2. Express by the primitive
  3. Build until crumbling
  4. Invent some new codes
  5. Hold all styles in one’s hand
  6. Let loom the monsters
  7. Stare at inhumanity
  8. Pit against the present
  9. Never finish

Picasso’s Tools for bloggers!?

Today I think we are all made of like a forest of archetypal patterns…

When I take a photo I don’t look for colors or light, I seek structures. A balance. Which comes from lines. And I search for a mood. Here, Dieppe, Normandy, France.

Do you know your structures? What is your axis? Has it changed? What makes you move? Ideas? To appear? To create?

Acts or words? Feeling or thinking? How is your forest? You have a map?

Have a great day!


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