The Hundred Days

In 1814, after years of war, Napoleon abdicated and was exiled on the little isle of Elba, near Italy. No more Empire.

So for almost a year, we got in France what we call The First Restoration, which means that after the Revolution and Napoleon’s Empire, the King of France was back.

Napoleon escaped from the island in February 1815 and sailed towards south of France, landing near Cannes with a little 1.000 men.

Then he began to travel North (towards Paris). His little army grew up quickly because the troops the King sent to stop him… joined his cause!

The king escaped with royalists, and Napoleon was back at the head of France – for 110 days (what we call The Hundred Days), until he was defeated at the battle of Waterloo, in June.

He was then exiled on the Island of St Helena.

Another restauration…


This is an exemple of a magnifier search you can do in the history of a country. The Hundred Days are interesting for the Napoleon’s travel towards Paris (and the rallying of old soldiers to their Emperor), for the mess between old aristocrats (the “real” Nobility) and the Nobility of Empire, the hesitations of some generals, for Waterloo of course, etc etc…

I didn’t add any link here : have fun googling The Hundred Days if you want to know more.

The big danger with this guy is well known : you could get addicted to this era (as some French guys get obsessed with the Civil War, for example).


Thanks for reading!



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