Conversation today with a guy, about decisions.

Authors like Gladwell, TalebKahneman, come to the same idea :

When you have to take a decision, the good one is always the fast, unthought one.

Call it “instinct”, “intuition”, the result is the same.

Overthinking it, weighing pros & cons, asking others, etc : it’s not the good way.

It’s been studied for decades by many authors, who converge to the same idea : intuition is fast and effective, follow her path.

Some more esoteric authors like Chopra will talk about quantum physics, or about plugging to the Universe, it doesn’t matter : their books are full of these stories of quick decisions they had to take, following their fast instinct to encounter great persons or life changing situations.

The few authors I read say our brain work very fast, in seconds, under our conscience, with elements like experience, analogies, and yes : instinct.

I say this : getting older, I apply it more and more. Before a decision, I go fast, I don’t think that much. I know, and I go there.

But sometimes my old schemes win : and here I am undecided, with my mental drawing things… losing all the sense of it. That’s life!

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When to NOT pay attention is an Art for decision making

Savoir Attendre – Know How to Wait

#INFJ & #INTJ & the Tango Feeling/Thinking

“Think like a man of action, act like a man of thought.”

To say it very quickly, Henri Bergson, a French philosopher, says there are 2 ways to know something : Analysis is “turning around” the thing, it gives you a map, but Intuition is about “entering” it, it’s the only way to “feel” what is the thing. That makes sense, right?

Well, I linked this with the two MBTI families, INFJ (F is for Feeling) and INTJ (T is for Thinking).

What is YOUR way of appreciating things? Do you think, or do you feel?

I think I’m obsessed with the idea of weaving a braid with two opposite tools. Reason & Feeling, Numbers & Harmony, Improvisation & Schedules, Slow & Fast, etc. I constantly play with the idea of weaving them.

  • Maybe you are, like me, a INTFJ?
  • Maybe you like to be moved by a symphony AND to know how it’s built?
  • Maybe you like to have projects AND to decide thing in a second.
  • Maybe you invent poetry with your nose in the wind AND you organize words precisely while you write.
  • Maybe you like to decide and organize things AND you pray God at the same time?

So… when I do tests about MBTI I find myself a INTJ, but sometimes a INFJ. I feel like the French knight with a sword in a hand and an axe in the other. I hope you appreciate my power! 🙂

Why thinking couldn’t weave feeling?

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